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Your Desires Have Purpose

Did you know that your desires are actually Divine guidance for who and what your soul intended to experience in this lifetime on this planet? So many of us discount our desires as being “frivolous” and “selfish” when, really, they are simply guideposts to what, in essence, we intended to be, do, have, and experience before we even got here.

Do you ever wonder what makes you desire one thing over another? Why do people often have differing desires? If it's not random (because nothing is), then what is it that inspires us in the first place?


I was watching a travel show the other day showing some impoverished places around the world and it made me wonder, if anyone can manifest anything, how come these people are living in such utter poverty? Then I realized, this is their perspective. To them their known desire could simply be having a good day out at sea and bringing back enough fish to feed their family. Maybe it’s having a bigger pot to cook their food in. Maybe it’s having a safe place to sleep. The point is, we are all inspired by and through the perspective that we have Divinely chosen for ourselves. And ALL perspectives have purpose, whether we were born into privilege or into hardship. It is ALL valid.

To feel guilty or ashamed for having desires that might seem unimportant or “shallow” to some people halfway across the world, would be to make ourselves invalid and the Divine obsolete. Yet, that can never truly be.

Everything connects, so whenever we have a desire, no matter what it is, we have to trust that there is some important meaning and purpose behind it. How do we know? Because it is important to us, and that is what matters most. Even our so-called “superficial” desires have meaning if we give them meaning within our personal experience.

Ultimately, no authentic desire is wrong. No desire is so frivolous as to be invalid. No desire is more valid than any another. They ALL count towards something. And, by the way, depriving ourselves of our first world desires isn't going to help anyone feed their family across the globe. You can never be poor enough or unfulfilled enough or unhappy enough to help anyone else succeed. It just doesn't work that way. If anything, the more abundance that you cultivate for yourself, the more fulfilled you feel all around, and the better position you will be in to assist those who need your specific type of help. That isn't a condition or obligation of receiving. Just a happy byproduct, if this is something that you decide you want to do.

We have to trust that our desires and following through on our desires has purpose. And while it would be more than enough that it has purpose in our own lives, it also, by default, has purpose for others as well. That's because everything is interconnected in some way, and by following our own bliss, we get to happily share our light with others without even trying.

I’ll give you an example. I went to a nice restaurant the other day, and because I went, I met the woman who was serving our table. I am someone that if I have a compliment on the brain, I have to let it out, so I told her that I liked how she did her makeup. Funny thing, she then told me that she had been wondering for a week prior if she should change the way she does her makeup because she was feeling unsure if her style was still relevant. You might say, “Big deal, so you liked her makeup,” but we never truly know what one little act of kindness can do for someone else. It could be a seemingly small yet necessary catalyst to a much bigger positive change.

The point is, because I followed through on my desire to eat out at a nice restaurant, and I didn’t deprive myself of the pleasure, I was available for being in the right place at the right time to give this woman the validation that she had clearly been asking to receive through her energetic alignment. And, who knows, maybe that created a positive ripple effect in her life. the depths of which I may never fully know. My desire to have a nice dinner (which someone might say is a “waste of money” or “insensitive to the struggle of others,”), aside from making me happy, also became an opportunity to share my light with someone else. And this sort of thing happens all the time.

By following our bliss and honoring our desires (by following through on them), we also become conduits for Source Energy, and the channel through which someone else's desire or prayer gets answered. So, who are we, really, to question our worthiness to receive when we actively play such an important role in the lives of others?

Always remember, wherever our desires lead us is where we are meant to go. Divine grace never gets it wrong. Perhaps our egos don’t recognize the bigger picture, but our higher mind always does, and it always leads us right, no matter what. So, it just makes perfect sense to trust it.

There is a reason why the world is filled with so many different types of experiences. They are all Divine. They are all creations of some point of focus. They are all energy manifest. The quantum realm has no limits. God does not make mistakes. Whether it’s a yacht or a blade of grass, it is all here for a reason, and it is all here to be experienced by someone. People love to judge things as being more or less important in life, but who truly gets to make that determination? With so many varying opinions, desires, preferences, etc., how can there ever be a one-size-fits-all definition of fulfillment? When the world is filled with so much possibility, limiting ourselves means to also limit the world, and that is NOT why we came here. The universe expands because we do. To stop expanding would be to defy our very reason for being. And who in their right mind would want to do that?

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