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I am a firm believer that we all have a wellspring of inner wisdom that is just waiting for us to realize that it is there. I also believe that we each have an authentic voice that wants to be heard but is often stifled by our fears, doubts, and the judgments we so often receive from those around us. As such, I want to help those who are seeking answers to find their own solutions from within so that they no longer feel like their happiness is at the mercy of the external world.


I have always been an independent thinker and, in fact, quite rebellious against the status quo. But still there were times when I too got lost in the quest for knowledge from somewhere "out there." As a result, at one point I began to doubt my own logic and intuition, which, in turn, caused me much frustration and disappointment, not to mention a whole bunch of resentment. I was not being true to myself and that made me all the more confused. Consequently, it was only when I understood that I had the ability to tap into my own inner truth for the answers I was seeking that I realized how empowered I really was. And when I felt empowered I became clear on my purpose, desires, and the boundaries I needed to set with others where I felt they were missing. Most of all, I began to understand the connection between the spiritual and the physical worlds so as to create practical methods in my day-to-day that I could successfully use in my quest to better my own life.

Consequently, one of these methods has to do with inspirational writing. Writing has always been a great source of inspiration, meditation, and creation for me, which is why I love to use it as much as I can to not only convey my knowledge and viewpoints, but also to channel my inner truths and internal guidance. It also helps me quiet my ego mind so that I can hear the "real me" messages coming through, which, in turn, helps me navigate my life in a more intentional way.


As such, among other methods, through the use of inspirational writing, journaling, and focused question-asking I aim to help others find their own authentic voice, purpose, and inner knowing so that they too can live their lives on their own terms, with no apology, no shame, and no regret. And through this process I help others uncover their honest thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and negative blocks in order that they can transform them into the happiness they seek. Keep in mind, this type of writing has nothing to do with perfect prose. Rather, it is simply a form of clearing out the clutter so that you can channel the wisdom you inherently already have within you. Trust me, once you learn how to tap into your own higher knowledge, you will be hooked. And, once you learn how to decipher between your ego voice and your higher-self you will be able to more easily and confidently find all the solutions and insights that you desire whenever you need them. (BTW - your inner wisdom is open 24/7.)


And by learning to feel confident in your truth and stand up for what you feel is right for you, you will no longer feel depleted by those who don't understand you, those who criticize you, or those who take advantage of your generous nature. Learning to trust yourself simply means mindfully knowing when to say "yes" and when to say "no" without regret, and consciously make decisions that best suit your life.

Everyone can be their own guru in their own lives, yet we sometimes feel like other people are more capable of knowing what we need to do. But, in reality, each of us in our own right is the most capable of truly knowing what is best and right for our personal journey. As such, I do not want to be your guru. I am not "perfect" and I am not claiming to be. I simply want to open your eyes to seeing the world in perhaps a different way. (So I guess you can think of me as the "I'm not a guru" guru.) What matters to me most, then, is not that you follow me, like me, or do as I say. What matters is that you find your own vision and authentic voice from which you can create the life you want to live. I don't want anyone to be dependent upon my advice either. Instead, I want people to become self-reliant, self-empowered, and essentially their own gurus in their own lives. You're in the driver's seat here and eventually you are going to have to figure this stuff out for yourself. But what I can do is help you ask the right questions and open a dialogue that will reveal to you exactly what you need to know and do to make your life the best it can be.

If you're anything like me, you are a doer. You are also someone who wants to always live life on your own terms and be responsible for your own happiness. As such, learning to tap into your personal well of inspiration is likely the greatest gift you could give to yourself because it will ensure that you are always self-empowered and able to rely on your intuition to grant you the guidance you seek.

Consequently, everything I do in my work revolves around two themes: 1) Divine Communication, i.e., connecting to your inner wisdom, intuition, and personal clarity, and 2) Divine Manifestation, whereby you merge the spiritual with the physical in practical and tangible ways in order to generously enhance your quality of life. 


So join me in my quest to merge the unseen world of potential with the world of the pragmatic and "real." Join me in starting the conversation to open ourselves up to our intuition and higher knowledge, And join me in realizing the necessity for self-appreciation, self-respect, self-care, and self-empowerment so that each of us can unapologetically ask for what we want and create the purposeful life we each intended to live.


Please check out my books, blog, and services for more information.

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