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Creating Your Dream Life

What does your dream life look like? If you could be, do, or have anything in the world, what would that be for you? ​

As children we have no problem imagining all sorts of wondrous things we will do when we grow up. We have no issue with fantasizing and using our imagination to conjure up big goals and ambitions. But then something changes. As we grow older, life starts to present us with responsibilities and practical questions that often have little, if nothing, to do with those grand schemes we thought up so long ago.​

But what if we could get that magic back and then use it to manifest a life full of purpose, joy, and true fulfillment in all areas of our lives? To many people this seems like a far-fetched pipedream; like an impossibility that belongs only in fairytales. But what if that's not actually true?​

What I have learned over the years is that it is only when we stop dreaming and stop believing in possibilities that we get stuck in the mundane, the mediocre, and in the pitfalls of the status quo. It's not that what we desire is not possible for us. Rather, we have simply created blocks to our own fulfillment through our lack of belief in ourselves. Furthermore, we may even be chasing after desires that are not even our own, which explains why so many people either don't achieve what they want, or are still unhappy even if/when they do.​

The problem, I believe, fundamentally lies in our unwillingness to see what is beyond what is in front of us. We see only what is in front of our faces but fail to focus past that in order to consider any other possibilities. We use our "now" moments to create self-fulfilling prophecies of what we expect to see in the future, even if those projections are based on faulty or outdated belief systems. And we push down our true desires in favor of being "realistic." 

But if you think about it, anything that has ever been created first started out as an idea that someone at some point had to act upon, with faith, and with a positive vision of what could be. So what stops so many people from taking hold of their own visions for what they want to experience in their lives? Well, for starters, I think it comes down to a lack of confidence in their own innate wisdom and power to create their own reality experience. ​

So many of us look for validation from the outside world, and we use that validation to define not only our own self-worth, but also what is possible for us moving forward. But what if you no longer needed to rely on external factors and opinions to determine your own possibilities? What if you could trust your inner knowing to guide you down the path that is most fulfilling to you?​

There is only so long that we can go on depriving ourselves from our passions. There is only so long that we can keep saying "yes" to everyone else's demands before we start to resent them, and ourselves, for it. And there is only so long that we can keep pushing our dreams to the side before we crack under the pressure and feel ultimately depleted and unfulfilled. And so, we must start believing in our worth, in infinite possibilities, and in our own right to be happy so that we can have that much more energy and resources to enjoy and share with others.

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