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Purpose Re-defined

What is purpose? Is it what you are meant to do for a job? Is it who you are meant to be on this earth? What is it that we are looking for when we say that we want to know what our purpose is in life? Moreover, why are so many of us even asking that question?


I believe that most of us already inherently know that there is more to this world than meets the eye, even if we don't always admit it to ourselves. We go about our day-to-day feeling like it is our only reality when, in fact, there is so much more to our lives than what we see on the surface. People have been wondering about their origins since the dawn of civilization, asking questions like, "Why am I here?" and "What is the meaning of life?" So, it seems like asking the question about our purpose is, in fact, embedded into our DNA. So then, if we are asking these types of questions, because it is natural for us to do so, where, then, can we look to find the answers? Perhaps we simply need to look deeper within ourselves.

The truth about purpose is really quite simple. It is the theme(s) that you came here to explore the most, and these themes can be explored in a multitude of ways. It is your free will that chooses the quality of your life's experiences, and whether you will choose to align with your purpose or not. But, either way, you are always on track because you can never truly get it wrong. Life is about experiencing it, even if that means sometimes taking a detour or two along the way. What is most important to realize is that your purpose is no different from your heart's desires. Your purpose is, in fact, what inspires your heart's desires. And that's good news because there is no reason now not to follow your bliss and realize your passions. It is what you were made and meant for.

For me, I believe my themes for being here include learning about and expressing my self-worth (self-love, self-trust, self-acceptance, self-respect), and manifesting and enjoying joyous infinite abundance as I creatively express myself and uplift and inspire others along my way. These theme do not, however, inform me of any specific ways that I am "supposed" to do this other than prompting me to always follow my bliss. And it is when I do this, and trust myself in doing this, that everything always works out even better than I had imagined or hoped for.

Your purpose is not trying to elude you. And like it was for me, your purpose has probably been right in front of you all along. You see, so many of us think that our purpose is some mysterious treasure we must struggle and work hard to find. We think that it is some grand plan or mission that we must hurry to uncover or else risk living our lives in mediocrity. But while our purpose can indeed be a huge revelation in our lives, we must also realize that purpose is not something that we need to "find" but, rather, who we are already and what we ultimately love and enjoy. Every aspect of our lives has purpose, from our vocation to our relationships to our experiences and, consequently, it can not be limited to only one "thing," or one limited definition. 

Fulfillment comes from realizing the essence of who you are, and understanding that this can be represented and expressed in infinite ways. And the thing about purpose is that it can evolve with your dreams and aspirations too. The essence of your purpose could be to educate, to inspire, to build something, to bring people together, to entertain, etc. But how you choose to express that essence is totally up to you and only limited by your imagination.

Every area of our lives comes down to the purpose or intention behind whatever we choose to express and do. And so, whether we are addressing our relationships, desires, hobbies, or our larger role in our communities, purpose is always the common thread running through it all. Our theme(s) run through everything because it is who we are at our core and what we came here to express and experience.

Furthermore, we often believe that our pursuit of purpose must be completely altruistic and, as such, cannot also include the pursuit of pleasurable things. We believe that in order for our purpose to be pure it must be completely devoid of any physical or material reward or enjoyment. But this is not true. Material/physical sustenance and enjoyment is not necessarily separate from a life of purpose. In fact, in order for us to fulfill our purpose we must materialize it through enjoyment because, otherwise, it would just be called a grind. And our purpose is not a life sentence, nor is it an obligation. In fact, it is the prime motivating factor behind everything that we want to experience in life, i.e., our authentic desires, passions, and enjoyments....all of these are derived directly from our purpose. And so, when we fully and freely accept and express the totality of who we are at our core, and what we authentically love and enjoy, that is when our purpose will finally make total sense to us. And as a bonus, when we feel fulfilled in our own lives we become so much more helpful and inspirational to all those around us. 

Living a life of purpose means understanding that while you may have a "destiny" (i.e. your natural aptitudes, goals, intentions for your life), you also have free will. Living a purpose-filled life does not mean resigning your power to something or someone outside of you but, rather, being a co-creator in your own life. Your purpose and your vision for your ultimate life experience are one in the same. It is only when you deny your own self-expression, and you ignore your true passions and calling, that struggle seems to appear. Living a purpose-filled life means recognizing your power within, looking deeper at your motivations, and using your free will to make positive changes and choices that support your most authentic desires.

We are here to enjoy our lives. We are here to express the fullest extent of our capabilities. We are here to manifest our most authentic desires. We are here to thrive and share our successes with others. But we are NOT here to ultimately suffer, struggle, or chase after some proverbial carrot that we want but can never have. This world is a playground, not a prison, and so the more that we give ourselves permission to play, the clearer our purpose will become. Ultimate pleasure and fulfillment is not superficial by definition. But thinking that it is is denying ourselves the very reason of why we exist. 


  • Finding it (or rather acknowledging your personal theme(s) to overall fulfillment)

  • Finding meaning within it

  • Embracing it (i.e. acceptance)

  • Connecting with it (i.e. believing in your power)

  • Expressing it (i.e. being open about it)

  • Clearing what's in the way of it (i.e. releasing fears, doubts, negative beliefs)

  • Generalizing it (i.e. enjoying the infinite abundance and beauty of life)

  • Specializing it (i.e. embodying personal passions, gifts, and the uniqueness of your expression)

  • Aligning with it (i.e. mind, body, and soul alignment with your authentic desires)

  • Nurturing it (i.e. believing in your worthiness of it and in the path of least resistance to achieve it)

  • Defining (or rather applying) it in all aspects of your life

  • Individualizing it (i.e. what is your specific role?)

  • Sharing it (i.e. what is your collective role?)

  • Manifesting it (i.e. taking inspired action towards its expression)

  • Utilizing it (i.e. putting it into practice)

  • Granting self-permission for it (i.e. for self-care, self-love, and the freedom of self-expression)

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