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Providing a practical approach to learn about purpose, boundaries, self-love, conscious manifesting, intuition, and ultimate personal empowerment.



Here's to bringing back the art of savoring, one moment and one experience at a time.

Do you ever wonder why your life keeps taking you in circles, repeating the same patterns over and over


Do you ever feel taken for granted and unappreciated even though you give all of the time?

Do you have a hard time saying "no"?

Do you crave a sense of purpose, independence, and the desire to be of value but aren't sure how?

Do you need help with overcoming overwhelm, anxiety, and stress, and perhaps feelings of guilt, regret, and resentment?

Do you place undue pressure on yourself to always be "perfect," strong, and unaffected, feeling like being your true self is simply not possible for you?

Do you ever feel like your happiness is at the mercy of the opinions of others and the circumstances that surround you?

Do you wait for or require others' "permission" or approval to do what you want?

Do you feel a lack of balance or harmony in your life?

Do you often feel pressured to meet other people's expectations and social pressures?

Do you sometimes get lost in the game of comparisons and competition?

Do you wonder how to use your intuition to help you navigate through your life with ease?


Let's Meet

Hi! I'm Dora, I am a self-empowerment author, inspirational writer/blogger, and mindful manifesting & inspirational journaling coach, and I am here to teach you how to mindfully indulge in all the joy life has to offer you.

But what does mindful indulgence mean anyway? Well, here's the breakdown: Mindful Indulgence means savoring and appreciating the present moment, honoring your boundaries, expressing your purpose and passions, connecting to your inner wisdom, trusting your intuition, giving yourself permission to fulfill your desires, practicing self-respect, self-love, and self-care, releasing your fears, letting go of your guilt, creating your own standards and expectations, believing in yourself and your inherent worth, manifesting consciously, accepting who you are, and ultimately fully enjoying your life on your own terms. Most of all, mindful indulgence is about self-empowerment and connecting the dots between what you think and what you get, thereby making you a powerful creator of your own life.

A large component in mindful indulgence is also appreciating the simplicity in all things. But simplifying your life doesn't necessarily mean being a minimalist. Instead, it means knowing your priorities and making choices solely based on desire, passion, and joy. It means appreciating the now while manifesting even more great things to come. It means organizing your thoughts and clearing the mental, emotional, and even physical clutter to only surround yourself with what you love and truly enjoy. It's also about shifting perspectives in order to find peace, balance, and fulfillment in all that you do.

As an over-achieving perfectionist myself, I know what it's like to feel a sense of self-inflicted pressure to meet extremely high expectations. I also know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with what seems like an endless to-do list. Consequently, this pressure has at times left me feeling anxious, tired, and overwhelmed, as well as over-extended, depleted, and sometimes even apathetic. I know that many people can relate to this type of pressure, and so, consequently, this is why I want to help.

But who exactly are these people? Well, they are nurturing, helpful, empathic, and giving, but they are also ambitious and over-achieving. As such, they feel every bit as vulnerable as everyone else, only they do not feel they have the luxury of showing it. These people are expected to have it all together, to lead by example, and to meet everyone else's needs and expectations without hesitation, yet in the process they have forgotten themselves and what they desire to experience most out of life. Furthermore, many of these people lack healthy boundaries and, as a result, allow others to drain them of their power. They feel tired of feeling tired and fed up with feeling disappointed and used. These people are kind and generous, but can't help at times to feel resentful for being so overlooked and mistreated. These people, however, are ready for change, ready to stand in their power, and ready to fulfill their purpose and passions in life, with no apologies and no regrets.


Being empathic myself I have encountered many challenges along my way here, challenges like not knowing when to say "no," and feeling guilty for it when I did, not understanding how to properly honor my own needs and desires, and not knowing how to stop second-guessing my own intuition and choices. As such, being independent and strong-minded, yet also sensitive to the energies around me, has not been an easy paradox to navigate. But through my resolve I have found a way to marry the best aspects of myself without losing out on what I want or compromising my integrity. 


As such, over the years I have invested a great deal into my own personal-development, and through self-reflection, observation, introspection, personal experience, and self-responsibility I have figured out a way to live a truly authentic life where I can be who I want to be, do what I want to do, while also being a valuable asset to the lives of all those around me.


Society does not always support the feminine energies that are so powerful and necessary for life as we know it to function. As such, we are often forced to compete and compare and play by the masculine rules in order to succeed. But it is when we combine our feminine and masculine energies that we become our most empowered selves and able to take on the world. In fact, it wasn't until I started becoming more grounded in my approach to life, more trusting of my intuition and inner wisdom, and more willing to mindfully indulge in whatever I loved and enjoyed, that I found more balance in how I approached life, and also how I perceived myself within it.


It was only when I reached my 30's that I truly started realizing that being empathic was my strength and not my weakness. And as I grew more knowledgeable about the world of energy and potential, I also realized that I could merge being strong with being vulnerable, and being responsible with being self-loving, in order to create a way of life that embraced both a spiritual/mindful and practical/material perspective.

And so, with an educational background in sociology, journalism, and holistic life coaching, and through life experience, observation, and a naturally philosophical disposition, I have created this platform to inspire pragmatic and positive change for those seeking to find their own answers from within in order to enhance their lives in meaningful ways. And more specifically, I have developed a method for assisting empathic and nurturing people to create a more balanced and forgiving way of life so that they can fulfill their grand purpose while also feeling centered, fulfilled, and fully at peace in their lives.


As practical people we often seek solutions in the outside world, but sadly we regularly ignore our most powerful tool: our intuition as well as our right to self-care. We are solution-seekers and, as such, we sometimes think we don't have the time (or even right) to be introspective or self-nurturing. But we can find our own way to becoming more enlightened without compromising our values or our duties. We can truly find the balance between our masculine and feminine energies in order to fulfill the greatness we are capable of, and the joy that we all deserve.

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The Cynic’s Guide to “Self-Improvement”
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"My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best."
Winston S. Churchill



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