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Let Your Life Be Easy

Did you know that life was always meant to be easy? I know this sounds controversial, especially since the world teaches us something completely different, like that we need to work hard for what we have, that good things don’t come easily, and that we need to first "earn" our right by "paying our dues" before we can "deserve" to live the good life. Sound familiar? We are taught to study, get a job, climb the ladder, save for retirement, and then maybe, just maybe, if we are lucky enough, we will finally get the chance to live out our dreams. In the meantime, so many people suffer and struggle needlessly, all the while believing that this is the necessary evil to a life well lived. Well, I am here to tell you that it’s not. In fact, life is truly meant to be easy.

Hi, I’m Dora. I am a self-empowerment author/writer/coach, and I am here to help make your life easier.

Now, when I say that life is meant to be easy, I don’t mean that it is meant to be passive or lazy. But I do mean that life is meant to flow with ease, with passion, with purpose, and with splendor. It is not supposed to feel like a grind, and anyone who tells you that it is is either lying or convinced by the same lies that we've all been told. 

For so long I used to believe those same lies. But my soul always knew better, which is why it has always led me to be able to fulfill all of my wants and needs; that is, when I let it (and even sometimes in protest too. ;-)).

You see, all my life I have been manifesting everything that I have truly ever needed, often without even trying. The soul that I am, with its own purpose and desires and intentions and natural core vibration, has been leading me right all along. But I wasn’t always accepting of it. Oh no. There have been times when my ego  thought it knew so much better, and because of that it led me on various tangents and detours of more struggle than I actually needed to experience. What I have realized since is that the less resistant I am to my true self and what calls me from my heart, the happier I am, and the easier my life truly becomes. The more I align myself with the core of my very being, the truth of my deepest passions, the  easier life gets for me.

The truth is, the only thing that any of us truly needs to live a happy and fulfilled life with ease and joy is self-permission. You see, there is no one out there that truly has any real authority over our lives. No one can truly judge or determine with 100% accuracy or certainty what is ultimately right for any of us. Nope. This is something that we must each decide for ourselves, and then follow through on without restriction. And when we become self-responsible and self-empowered in this way, then, yes, life really can become that easy because we let it be easy.

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