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Mastering Alignment....


What would it be worth to you to live your life with a deeper sense of peace, purpose, self-assuredness, and inner satisfaction? Stop for a moment and think about it. What would that feel like? What would your life look like if your emotions were no longer controlled by external circumstances or the behavior of the people around you? How would it feel to you to no longer be at the mercy of your fears and anxiety? What would it feel like to be able to command respect and no longer have to accept being taken for granted by those who take advantage of your kindness and generosity? Furthermore, what would your life look like if you could finally recognize and embrace your uniqueness as the gift to the world that it is, rather than dimming your light just to fit in with the status quo? How radically freeing would it feel to you to be able to act upon your deepest soulful desires without succumbing to doubt, fear, or the disapproving negative opinions of others? How would it feel to you if you no longer had to choose between being "spiritual" and being materially sustained? Just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine living your life in this way.


Whether it's success, purpose, love, romance, spiritual fulfillment, well-being, happiness, positive self-image, peace of mind, self-respect, abundance, or relief from stress, fear, and anxiety, one of the key things about manifestation is that without the alignment of mind, body, and soul (i.e. the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of ourselves) our manifestations can be quite empty and, at times, even difficult to achieve. We might even believe that we are doing everything "right" to manifest our desires when the reality is that we are not actually aligned to receive what we really want. Think of it this way, if you really want to hear a country song on the radio it wouldn't make sense for you to dial into a hip-hop station. And it would be absurd for you to get frustrated with that hip-hop station for not playing your country song. But when you turn the dial and tune into (or align with) the radio frequency that is playing country, then it becomes easier to get what you truly want. And it's the same with everything else; you have to dial in. You don't manifest what you want. You manifest who you are, i.e., your core frequency that aligns with your desires.

In a world filled with so many distractions and negative stimuli it is sometimes difficult to perceive which station we're dialed into. We think that we are focused on the good stuff, we believe that we are aligned with positivity, but in the background we are actually dialed into a contradiction. But the problem does not lie in being dialed into the wrong station; it lies in not realizing that we actually are. Sometimes things look good on paper, and because of that we think we are doing well but, in reality, we still have that inner voice telling us something feels off. We follow the "rules" thinking that "some day" we will be happier for it, but day after day it feels like we are just going through the motions, settling for the status quo, and convincing ourselves that this is enough. Consequently, it is when we are not willing to face our truth that we have a hard time recognizing if/when we are actually tuned into the "wrong" frequency (in relation to the true happiness that we seek). And so, if we are to achieve the true peace of mind and fulfillment we truly desire we need to start looking more inwards and pay closer attention to where in our thoughts, feelings, and actions we might be misaligned with what we actually want to manifest for ourselves. 


I'm not going to lie, it is not always easy taking the high road, and introspection can be a proverbial tough pill to swallow at times, but the reward is well worth the effort. Once we get into the habit of truly living with alignment (and purpose), we will find a greater sense of peace, faith, and the ability to surrender our fears so that we can live our lives with true peace of mind and joy. When all aspects of ourselves align with what our hearts desire, that is when we will create a truly lavish life from the inside-out. But lavish does not only refer to wealth and luxury. A lavish life can also include lavish peace, lavish romance, lavish health, lavish adventure, lavish inspiration, lavish self-appreciation, lavish purpose, and basically anything that feels good to your soul.

Why is it important to master our awareness to master our alignment? Well, if we are not aware of ourselves on a deeper level then we will keep making the same choices and the same "mistakes" over and over again. The plain of it is that nothing really changes if we don't make any changes. But in order to change something we need to first know what to change. Furthermore, in order to be in alignment with the actual essence of what we want to manifest into our lives we must respect the whole of who we are, otherwise it's like slapping a coat of paint on a car that’s falling apart or holding together a dress with safety pins. This only masks the problem and gives it a temporary fix but, ultimately, the same core issues will remain until they are properly addressed. 


Masterful and purposeful manifestation, then, is wholly dependent on aligning with the truth of who we really are on all levels, but it also comes from taking action on what we truly love. However, in order to do either of these things we need to be more proactive about our well-being. Unfortunately, many of us are only motivated by pain and only choose to take action when there is nowhere else to turn. But being proactive means taking steps (however large or small) in the here and now that are mindful so that we are no longer living our lives on auto-pilot or being victims of circumstance. The more we allow issues to pile up in our lives, and the more we ignore the red flags, the further away we will go from living our lives as we truly desire. As such, we need to become empowered creators of our own reality, and the sooner we start, the sooner we will start seeing positive results manifesting in our lives.

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