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Mastering Alignment....


What would it be worth to you to live your life with a deeper sense of peace, purpose, self-assuredness, and inner satisfaction? Stop for a moment and think about it. What would that feel like? What would your life look like if your emotions were no longer controlled by external circumstances or the behavior of the people around you? How would it feel to you to no longer be at the mercy of your fears and anxiety? What would it feel like to be able to command respect  and no longer have to accept being taken for granted by those who take advantage of your kindness and generosity? Furthermore, what would your life look like if you could finally recognize and embrace your uniqueness as the gift to the world that it is rather than dimming your light just to fit in with the status quo? How radically freeing would it feel to you to be able to act upon your deepest soulful desires without succumbing to doubt, fear, or the disapproving negative opinions of others? How would it feel to you if you no longer had to choose between being "spiritual" and being materially sustained? Just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine living your life in this way.


Whether it's success, purpose, love, romance, spiritual fulfillment, well-being, happiness, positive self-image, peace of mind, self-respect, or relief from stress, fear, and anxiety, one of the key things about manifestation is that without the alignment of mind, body, and soul (i.e. the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of ourselves) our manifestations can be quite empty and at times even difficult to achieve. We might even believe that we are doing everything "right" to manifest our desires when the reality is we are not actually aligned to receive what we really want. Think of it this way, if you really want to hear a country song on the radio it wouldn't make sense for you to dial into a hip hop station. And it would be absurd for you to get frustrated with that hip hop station for not playing your country song. But when you turn the dial and tune into (or align with) the radio frequency that is playing country, then it becomes easier to get what you truly want. And it's the same with everything else; you have to dial in.

In a world filled with so many distractions and negative stimuli it is sometimes difficult to perceive which station we're dialed into. We think we are focused on the good stuff, we believe we are aligned with positivity, but in the background we are actually dialed into a contradiction. But the problem does not lie in being dialed into the wrong station; it lies in not realizing that we actually are. Sometimes things look good on paper and because of that we think we are doing well but in reality we still have that inner voice telling us something feels off. We follow the rules thinking that some day we will be happier for it, but day after day it feels like we are just going through the motions, settling for the status quo and convincing ourselves that it is enough. Consequently, it is when we are not willing to face our truth that we have a hard time recognizing if/when we are actually tuned into the wrong frequency (in relation to the true happiness we seek). And so, if we are to achieve the true peace of mind and fulfillment we desire we need to start looking more inwards and pay closer attention to where in our thoughts, feelings, and actions we might be misaligned with what we actually want to manifest for ourselves. 


I'm not going to lie, it's not always easy taking the high road, and introspection can be a proverbial tough pill to swallow at times, but the reward is well worth the effort. Once we get into the habit of truly living with alignment (and purpose) we will find a greater sense of peace, faith, and the ability to surrender our fears so that we can live our lives with true joy. When all aspects of ourselves align that is when we will create a truly lavish life from the inside-out. But lavish does not only refer to wealth and luxury. A lavish life can also include lavish peace, lavish romance, lavish health, lavish adventure, lavish inspiration, lavish self-appreciation, lavish purpose, and basically anything our hearts desire.

Subsequently, as an emapthic self-empowerment and life purpose coach I provide services that help overwhelmed, over-stressed, over-burdened, confused, over-giving, people-pleasing, and often deeply empathic people create a more peaceful, purposeful, inspired, balanced, and truly lavish quality of life.


If you do feel overwhelmed, stressed, stuck, anxious, confused, unappreciated, taken for granted, and/or generally unfulfilled in one or more areas of your life, there could be a number of reasons:

  • You lack a sense of purpose and direction.

  • You have unfulfilled desires and are frustrated with your progress in life.

  • You want to make a change but you have no idea where to start or how to stay motivated.

  • You seek external validation more often than you'd like to admit.

  • You judge yourself too harshly and pressure yourself to be "perfect" or "good" all the time.

  • You don't feel or believe that you are good enough to attract who/what you want.

  • You constantly feel the need to control everything and everyone in order to minimize your own stress and to mitigate your fear of the unknown.

  • You feel like an impostor in your own life (playing roles to meet others' expectations) but secretly you have needs and desires you don't have the courage to speak up about or act upon.

  • You get caught up in competition and comparison and trying to "keep up."

  • You lack trust in yourself and your ability to make intuitive decisions so you allow others to decide things for you and/or you constantly seek external approval for your choices in life.

  • You have constant unresolved conflicts in your relationships and don't understand why your communication style is not working to resolve them.

  • You lack a feeling of self-worth, independence, and self-reliance, and as such, feel confined in your current circumstances.

  • You often feel a tug of war between desiring something and feeling guilty for it.

  • You spend too much time focusing on past regrets and/or worrying about the future.

  • You don't feel valued in your relationships and don't know how to make people respect you.

  • You don't have enough healthy boundaries, and consequently, you don't know how to say no. As a result you feel depleted, unhappy, and uncomfortable speaking up about it.

  • You are sensitive to the people and world around you and don't know how to shield yourself from negative influence.

  • You have untapped potential that you are repressing, leaving you doubtful and uncertain of your purpose and your inner power.

  • You might even have unexplained bouts of anxiety and panic attacks and feel a sense of helplessness as a result, which directly impacts your quality of life.

  • ....


If this sounds anything like you, I am here to provide you with Elite Mentoring to help you figure out your personal and authentic truth so that you can master alignment and therefore master the manifestation of whatever your heart desires. I am here to help you discover your personal niche and purpose in life so that you can do exactly what you came here to do with joy. I am here to teach you about the importance of respecting all aspects of who and what you are so that you can create the ultimate peace and fulfillment you seek from within. And I am here to help you overcome stress, anxiety, fear, confusion, overwhelm, exhaustion, stagnation, conflict, lack of balance, and any other issue that may be stopping you from living your best quality of life today.

My goal is to provide you with an understanding of how spirituality, metaphysics, and consciousness can successfully merge with your physical, material, and pragmatic world. Furthermore, by learning how to maximize the present moment you will find that sweet spot where you will feel at peace with where you are, appreciative for what you have, detached from what no longer works, and excited for what's to come. Additionally, as you become more astute in listening to your higher-self you will start to develop a better sense of trust and independence that will give you a new found confidence moving forward on your life choices to create the life you truly desire. Basically, you will uncover how to efficiently communicate with your higher-self and how to effectively communicate with others too. Furthermore, you will learn how to savor the present moment and bring mindfulness into your physical experiences so that you can fully engage in and enjoy the process of creating the life you truly love. And for those of you who are more sensitive to the energies around you (i.e. empaths), you will begin to realize how to transform your fears, panic, and anxiety into trust, calm, and ultimate power.


From my books, programs, intensives, and retreats, these are some of the things you can begin to explore: 

  • Find your spiritual center and connect with your intuition, innate power, natural strength, and inner wisdom.

  • Unveil and align with your purpose in all aspects of your life.

  • Release your fears (and stop resisting them) and transform your stress and anxiety into empowerment.

  • Become more lenient and self-forgiving, thereby releasing the pressure to be "perfect" all of the time.

  • Realize your gifts as the superpowers that they are.

  • Believe in and communicate your value to the world with confidence (i.e. quiet confidence that needs no external validation to survive).

  • Find balance and harmony in your life and learn to successfully juggle expectations and duties.

  • Recognize and communicate your value to the world.

  • Get grounded in the present moment to eliminate regret and worry and, subsequently, learn to savor the beauty life has to offer you.

  • Engage in the material/physical world through a spiritual/energetic perspective and understand the connection between the two and how it affects the quality of your life experiences.

  • Develop and practice positive and proactive self-care habits (without guilt).

  • Stand up for what you want and be fearless in asking for it.

  • Respect and align all areas of your life (mind, body, and soul).

  • Create and uphold healthy boundaries and learn how to say "no" without guilt.

  • Start attracting the right types of relationships into your life (and successfully manage the ones you already have).

  • Communicate effectively in all of your relationships.

  • Relax your need to control so that you can surrender into the flow of life with confidence.

  • Let go of and transform negative repeating patterns that keep occurring in your life (with friends and family, in romance, in health, in your career, etc.).

  • Have the confidence to follow-through on your desires and your authentic truth.

  • Uncover and release what is blocking you from reaching your next level of success.

  • Honor your desires and take inspired action on them without having to justify it to others.

  • Successfully deal with transitions in your life and resolve any lack of direction or confusion.

  • Find freedom from repressed emotions and limiting beliefs.

  • Create an action plan to help align you with your goals so that you can manifest them with more ease and joy (and less resistance).

  • Appreciate and accept yourself just as you are as you take further steps (rooted in self-love) to express the best version of who you were always meant to be.

  • And so much more....


Why is it important to master these things? Well, if we are not aware of ourselves on a deeper level then we will keep making the same choices and the same "mistakes" over and over again. The plain of it is that nothing really changes if we don't make any changes. But in order to change something we need to first know what to change. Furthermore, in order to be in alignment with the actual essence of what we want to manifest into our lives we must respect the whole of who we are, otherwise it's like slapping a coat of paint on a car that’s falling apart or holding together a dress with safety pins. This only masks the problem and gives it a temporary fix, but ultimately the same core issues will remain until they are properly addressed. 


Masterful and purposeful manifestation, then, is wholly dependent on aligning with the truth of who we really are on all levels, but it also comes from taking action on what we truly love. However, in order to do either of these things we need to be more proactive about our well-being. Unfortunately, many of us are only motivated by pain and only choose to take action when there is nowhere else to turn. But being proactive means taking steps (however large or small) in the here and now that are mindful so that we are no longer living our lives on auto-pilot or being victims of circumstance. The more we allow issues to pile up in our lives, and the more we ignore red flags, the further away we will go from living our lives as we truly intended. As such, we need to become empowered creators of our own reality, and the sooner we start the sooner we will start seeing positive results manifesting in our lives.

So many of us go about our daily lives doing what we think is expected of us. We try to fit ourselves into a specific mold and meet specific expectations that on the inside we know do not match our deepest desires. We compete and compare ourselves with others and latch on to others' dreams thinking that's the only way to living a happy life, without first asking ourselves if it's what we actually want. We participate in a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to life even though we intuitively know this does not resonate. And even if we do engage in self-care practices, if we are functioning only from a surface-level, these activities (while in essence can be wonderful) end up being temporary "fixes" and instant gratifications that do not actually create the lasting change we seek. And so this beckons the question: In a world filled with so many distractions, how do we find the courage to be our true selves, find the deeper meaning we seek, and at the same time enjoy the physical world around us without guilt or regret?

Creating Your Dream Life

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