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The Lie of “Hard Work”

Society systemically tries to convince us that we are not worthy. We are constantly being inundated with messages that we are not enough. We are taught to believe that an easy life is somehow an undeserved one. Hard work is praised, and struggle is honored as some sort of “necessary” rite of passage (aka “paying our dues,” whatever that’s supposed to mean). Yet living one’s life with ease, and manifesting through joy is for some reason considered “unearned” and almost blasphemous. How dare you be so blessed that everything miraculously works out for you without you even having to try?! How dare you desire to live your life with such ease and joy and wonderous flow?!

The ironic thing is that most people dream of a life of ease but feel too ashamed to admit it. So, this creates this paradox of sorts whereby they want one thing but are too afraid to receive it. What will people think? What will people say if miracle upon miracle keeps dropping into our lap?

I say, who the hell cares?!

Life CAN be easy. It can be as easy as you let it. Easy doesn’t necessarily mean lazy. It simply means being devoid of struggle. Struggle is self-perpetuating. Regardless of where you start, there is no rulebook that says you can’t be, do, have better. Beliefs are what create our personal experience of reality, and our beliefs are completely within our control. Our perceptions are everything because they are what influence how we see the world and ourselves within it, and that is the most important thing.

So, let it be easy. Struggle may eventually garner results, but know that ease is also an option. There are infinite paths to the same destination, none more worthy than the other. It is simply a matter of which one you prefer to have, which one you believe you can have, and which one you allow yourself to receive. And, yes, it truly can be that easy.

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