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Nothing Has Inherent Meaning

Nothing has meaning until you assign it meaning. Did you really make a mistake, or did you just have a learning experience? Is money actually scarce, or are you simply not aligning with the having of it? Are “all people” really bad, or are they simply reflecting your beliefs about them?

Everything is neutral until YOU assign it its relevance in your own life. Nothing is “good” or “bad,” “right or “wrong” without your definition of it being so. If I think that a particular couch is beautiful and you think that it’s ugly, who’s right? You’ll say you are right, and I’ll say I am right but, in actuality, we would both be right. Because, just like beauty, meaning is in the eyes of the beholder.

So, what does this all mean to how we live our lives? It means that we have eternal freedom to decide. We can choose to make our choices good and right, or bad and wrong. We can choose to switch our perspectives to work in our favour, or keep focusing from a victim mentality. We can choose to process “failures” as progress and successes in their own right, or feel sorry for ourselves. We can choose to believe in good things, in good people, in a good world, or we can choose to believe that everything is corrupt and going to hell. We can always choose our perspectives, and that will determine our experiences.

“Life isn’t fair” is a perspective, not a fact. God isn’t playing favourites. We are all representations of Divinity expressing itself in all sorts of ways. We are all free will beings imbued with our God-given abilities to create our own life experiences. We are all intentional. Our lives are intentional. Our desires are intentional. Nothing is random. And the way that we get from point A to point B, and onward, is to firstly acknowledge that there are no coincidences, no mistakes, and no “Divine punishments,” and then follow through on our own path and guidance to understand what our intention, our portion, our purpose, our creation, our expression wants to be in this lifetime.

We each get to decide what is true for ourselves based on the perspectives and definitions that we each choose to embody. We also get to choose what anything means to us. Our priorities, our focus, our experiences will then all stem from that foundation that we set up for ourselves. Nothing has to mean anything if you don't want it to. If you screw up, that doesn't mean that you are a "screw-up." Reframe it. If you choose a certain action, that action alone does not define who you are. It simply showcases one decision made, so reframe it. You are not inherently "this" or "that." You are free to experience your life and live it fully without the pressure of needing it to mean something about you. If you don't meet a specific goal by Tuesday, does that mean that you are a failure, or could it simply mean that Divine timing has a better idea? Maybe it means learning something about time management or reframing your goal or determining your actual wanted priorities versus your perceived obligations. Nothing has to mean anything unless you give it meaning. You get to decide. So, free yourself by giving yourself permission to explore, evolve, and expand. Because the less you judge yourself, the better you will actually know yourself.

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