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Like The Air That We Breathe

Let me ask you something. What did you do to earn your right to breathe the air? Nothing, you say? So, then, if you are inherently worthy and deserving of breathing the God-given air, then what makes you think that any of your other needs and desires are any different? Could it be possible that everything that you could ever need and want is already inherently yours to have? Could it be that there is absolutely nothing more that you need to be or do in order to be worthy of receiving these things?

We spend so much time telling ourselves that we are not good enough, that we haven’t done enough, that we aren’t this or that enough, that we forget that everything that we need and desire is already ours to have. Our desires are not mistakes. They are inspired by what our souls always intended to experience. They are Divine Guidance telling us the direction of our highest fulfillment and purpose in this lifetime.

Life is life and there will always be something that needs to be done. But that doesn’t mean that we must live a life of lackluster. We don’t have to put our dreams on the backburner. We don’t have to wait for “someday” to live our fullest life TODAY. We don’t have to opt for the mundane because we believe that there is no other way. There is ALWAYS another way. And that other way is already right here, right now. But you won’t be able to perceive it if you are not a vibrational match to it.

That’s right, vibrational match. Your very being is vibrating at a very specific frequency. Everything else is vibrating at a very specific frequency too because everything is ultimately energy. So, what you can have is never a matter of what you “deserve” to have (because you are already worthy by nature). What you can have is in direct proportion to what you allow yourself to receive.

Your vibrational offering is always bringing you the most appropriate match through your path of least resistance. If you want something different, just change the frequency like you would change the radio station to listen to something else. Better still, just drop all of the lies that you keep telling yourself about not having the “right” to have what you desire, and then your natural core frequency of the truth of who you really are will naturally, and by default, manifest for you everything that you personally find most fulfilling.

If we don’t question whether we deserve to breathe the God-given air, then why do we question if we deserve to have joyous abundance/money, love, happiness, health, success, and the fulfillment of all of our desires (and even better)? These are also in infinite supply and God-given to us, for us, and we are just as deserving by nature to receive these as we are the air that we breathe. It is all ultimately energy. And just as the air is available to everyone, anything that any of us desires is also essentially available to us all.

The air that we breathe, we expect it to always be there, right? And so, it always is. It is a no-brainer. We don’t question it or its existence or its availability. It just IS. And we don’t need to do anything to “deserve” to breathe it, or “earn” our right to breathe it. It is a natural and automatic process that nobody questions their right to. There is no debate on whether air exists or is available, or whether anyone does or does not deserve to breathe it. It just IS. It is a known fact and a natural standard that we simply come to expect without thinking about it.

In the same way, we can expect God/The Universe/Source to always consistently deliver to us our manifested desires (or even better) through joy and ease (through our path of least resistance). And, by the way, one desire is no different from any other in terms of “achievability.” The only thing that can make any difference at all is a difference in our belief. You don’t question the air, and so it is always there for you. So, stop questioning everything else and it will be there for you too.

Think about it, why do we feel entitled to the gift of oxygen without needing to “do” anything to “deserve” our right to breathe it, yet we decide that our other needs and desires need to be “earned”? Why does one feel expected and natural while with the other we feel we need to prove that we deserve? Why do we unquestionably believe that we are worthy of breathing in life-giving oxygen, yet we are so bashful when it comes to our other fulfillments? Maybe if we start to see our desires as necessities rather than “indulgences,” we will realize that they too have purpose, and they too are God-given.

We need to understand that our beliefs of needing to “earn” and being “worthy” are conditioned. They are not facts. They are just stories that we’ve been told and/or that we tell ourselves. They only feel real because we make them real. But just as God provides us with our air unconditionally, God also provides us with everything else unconditionally too. We are worthy because we are. If it feels like there are conditions to our receiving, it is only because we have created these conditions or "rules" for ourselves. So, all we really need to do is to accept our birthright of fulfillment, just like we accept the air that we breathe, and receive it with ease and with joy, as it was always intended.

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