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Divine Support

For me, in my life, I have always felt supported. But this blessing is not lost on me whatsoever because I also realize that not everyone had or has this as their frame of reference. So, when I say that life sets us up for it to be easy, I don’t necessarily mean that this must come via our family life. Yes, it can, and often it does start out that way when we feel unconditionally loved and supported by our parents, and we let go of our need to control everything because we know that somehow it will all be taken care of for us. But whether or not you have had this experience, you can still have this experience all of your continued life if you simply choose to see the Divine Source as your ultimate provider that always loves you unconditionally.

Whether you’ve felt supported or not in your life by the people around you, you can always choose to see the support that the Divine wants to shower you with if you would only allow yourself to believe it and receive it. You are never alone. There is always help available. But so many of us fear giving up our control. We think that we need to do everything ourselves. We lack trust in the invisible forces that surround us. And, as a result, we make things way more difficult for ourselves than they need to be. As such, letting life be easy is really about letting ourselves receive the support that we want and need, knowing that it is always available.

There is always a hard way and there is always an easier way to the same destination. And neither is inherently “better” or “worse” unless that is how we choose to define it for ourselves. But there is merit in all paths as each will teach us something different about ourselves and about life. So, really, it all comes down to a matter of personal preference and allowance.

When I look back at some of the hardships that I have endured, I clearly see how whatever happened led me to where I am now and my awareness as it stands today. It taught me many things about who I was and who I was becoming and the truth of who I really am underneath it all. But I could have gotten here in other ways too. I could have chosen to listen more to my intuition. I could have chosen to be more proactive about changing my thought and belief patterns. I could have been more open to change instead of being so afraid of it. I could have gotten to where I am in a plethora of different ways, and all would have been equally valid. But as I move forward now, I now use my awareness to be proactive about my next steps. I now know that hardship, in a way, is a choice, regardless of whether or not it’s a conscious one. And I know now that there is always another way, a preferred way, and that I can take that preferred way if I want.

From the moment we are born we are supported. And that is true for EVERYONE! You know how I know that? Because the Divine Universe would never create something that it could not ultimately support. Appearances may seem to indicate otherwise sometimes but, in truth, there is NEVER a shortage of Divine support, Divine Love, and Divine Grace. And no matter how much support we already have around us, there is still no limit to how much more we can receive. That is how much grace surrounds us. That is how much we are unconditionally loved. And all that we need to experience this grace is to allow ourselves to receive it. And even if that allowance comes later in life, because we were either too young to understand or circumstances were too tough in the moment to see clearly, it is still unconditionally and eternally available to us all. This is why there is no point in dwelling on what was and using that as an excuse for what can be. Because the only thing that can truly limit you now is your own belief in limitation. That's pretty much it.

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