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  • Do you ever feel like you are on a gerbil wheel of life, trying to get somewhere but feel like you never really catch up?

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the energy of others and the world around you, causing you to feel stressed, drained, fearful, or anxious?

  • Do you find yourself lost in regret and/or worry way too often?

  • Does your happiness and self-worth hinge on pleasing others and receiving approval?

  • Do you feel exhausted by the surmounting pressure to always be "on," perfect, and always available?

  • Do you feel exhausted by the expectation to keep up with your peers or keep up appearances?

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your obligations and the expectations placed on you by others?

  • Do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions without any real sense of purpose or spiritual direction?

  • Do you feel like something is missing in your life but don't know exactly what it is because everything seems good on paper?

  • Do you have feelings of guilt, regret, or resentment but are afraid to show it for fear of judgment?

  • Do you feel like you have a greater purpose or want to make a bigger impact and contribution to the world but are not sure how?

  • Are you constantly asking others what they think you should do? 

  • Do you know what you really want? If so, are you following through on it?

  • Are there repeating negative patterns in your life that you want to change but don't know how?

  • Do you often have a hard time saying "no" and feel depleted and resentful because of it?

  • Do you have issues communicating what you want and understanding what others want from you?

  • Do you experience repeated conflicts in your relationships with friends, family, spouse/partner, co-workers, and/or peers but are unsure of how to resolve them?

  • Do you feel stuck or confused with where you are and don't know how to make the shift or transition to where you want to be?

If any of these ring true for you know that you are not alone. We all have times when we feel confused about our next steps or feel drained from others' expectations of us. For me one of my biggest challenges (especially as someone who is energy sensitive) was learning how to set healthy boundaries and not feel guilty about it. It was strange because on the one hand I was always considered a tough cookie, for no one could get beyond my walls if I didn't allow them. But at the same time, many of those whom I did let in often left me disappointed. Why? Well first, I believed that if I let my walls down my feelings would get hurt. Yup (self-fulfilling prophecy 101). Furthermore, I was so afraid of being thought of as "selfish" that I simply neglected to set healthy boundaries in my life where they were needed. It took me some time to realize how to establish those boundaries without building up unnecessary walls of protection, but once I did I no longer attracted energy vampires into my life. This shift did not happen on its own and it did not happen overnight, but it did happen and it was because I chose to take different action. I chose to acknowledge my motives and beliefs and I chose to change my actions to align with what I wanted to attract rather than what I no longer wanted to experience. When I realized that I was just as important as everyone else, that what I wanted mattered too, and that I deserved the same respect in return that I gave to others, that's when I finally started to attract the loving, respectful, and generous people I craved. 

I firmly believe that life is a lot more than just a check list. Hardship (in any form), confusion, and lack of anything (e.g. love, success, happiness, peace of mind) are not punishments some face for their own good but rather conditions of misaligned thinking that can be remedied through will. We do not have to accept what we do not like in life with apathetic defeat. We truly do have a choice and we can make things better.

So what if I told you that you could essentially be free from fear, anxiety, overwhelm, confusion, worry, regret, competition, and self-criticism, but to name a few (or at the very least have the tools to minimize and successfully handle these things)? What would that mean to you? What would it be worth to you? While the human experience certainly entails a spectrum of emotions and experiences, what if you could find a way to become the master of your own fate nonetheless? It's a tall order, I know, but one I think is not only priceless when achieved but also possible to achieve through the desire and will to do so, and through a willingness to receive the proper guidance. 

With that said, one of the most important lessons I have learned in all of my spiritual and personal-development studies and experiences is that no one can truly tell me with 100% accuracy how to live my life. I, like many others, had at one point given my power of knowledge away to those in positions of authority (or rather, those I placed in positions of authority). And even though I have always been an independent thinker, often stubbornly so, still there were times when I impulsively looked to others to tell me what I "needed" to do in order to live my best life. Why? Because I did not completely trust myself, and as such, I engaged in the second-guessing of my own intuition. I thought "they" knew better than I did what was best for me but, in reality, they could only give me advice. It was ultimately up to me to decide what was true for me.

Now, while I do believe expert guidance can certainly be valuable and useful when we need help finding direction, we must always remember to trust ourselves first and foremost. But I don't mean trusting our false selves, like that egoic voice that tells us we're not good enough. I mean trusting our true selves underneath all the facades and walls we put up to protect ourselves and our fragile egos from disappointment. As such, a main component of how I coach others involves teaching my clients how to begin to align with their own inner wisdom so that they can learn to trust themselves in how they choose to move forward through life. Expert mentorship is extremely powerful and can shorten our learning curve substantially, however, it is always our duty to check in with ourselves to make sure that what we are receiving resonates.

If we are going to start trusting in our own inner knowing we are going to have to get more grounded. Too many of us have disconnected ourselves from our authenticity, and as such, have created a very head-driven reality. But the truth lies within the heart and if we are to reawaken our own ability to trust ourselves we are going to have to get grounded in our heart-centered awareness.

People today are going about their business trying to "accomplish" and "achieve" and create a life that gains society's stamp of approval. They take inauthentic actions because they are told this is what they are "supposed" to do in order to achieve and maintain success and happiness. They immerse themselves in a parade of instant gratification activities that only numb them to the reality of their true purpose and passions in life. They stop focusing on interpersonal interactions that are rooted in quality of connection in favor of exaggerated profiles, snippy sound bites, and the need for external approval or validation. And they get lost in the incessant quest for knowledge that in many ways can only truly be found within themselves, yet they still keep searching elsewhere.

So before any of us can figure out that magic formula to finding happiness we need to start digging deeper. These flighty and shallow means we've been using for existing just won't cut it anymore. We can no longer rely on the ego alone to fulfill our desires; we need more substance and we know it. That is why so many of us feel so lost but don't know why. But in order to live a life of true balance and harmony we will need to eventually understand that we are both spiritual in origin and nature but also fully alive in this physical reality, and so are meant to experience it through the lens of our spiritual selves.

Consequently, so much of how I coach has to do with bringing a sense of abundance into all that we do. Abundance is the natural state of nature. It is how this universe has been created and if we look closely we will see this ultimate perfection and order everywhere we look. Nature does not feel guilty for its bounty; it continues to prosper unapologetically. Nature adapts and evolves and always finds the best means to thrive, always finding the path of least resistance that puts it in the flow. And we are no different for we too are of nature.

Subsequently, while I can coach you from a stuffy office, instead I choose environments and experiences that align with the energy of plenty, luxury, and wealth because, aside from being a whole lot of fun, these states of thinking and feeling are vital to sustaining our creativity and life force energy. Life force energy is plentiful, and if we are honest with ourselves, we all want to align with plenty of something whether it's independence, joy, self-confidence, success, abundance, freedom, love, continued good health, peace of mind, or all of the above. The settings  and methods I choose are luxurious because no matter the goal the environment is ideal when it aligns with joyous abundance (in any way, shape, or form), and as such, attracts not only continued material abundance but also an abundance of insight, knowledge, love, self-acceptance, and self-appreciation.

Furthermore, it is very important to me to teach others the power of presence. By demonstrating the power of introspection and the art of savoring physical experiences this ultimately helps develop a feeling of not only being more joyful and grounded but also more focused, relaxed, inspired, and in the flow. As such, the key to how I coach is centered on two main things: 1) honest communication (with self and with others) in order to find one's personal truth and harmonious existence, as well as holistic alignment, and 2) focusing attention on being present, grounded, and fully engaged in the physical experience (from a spiritualistic perspective).

We all have it in us to live a life with purpose and passion. We all have the capacity to ask ourselves the right questions and to receive answers that align with our authenticity and personal truth. We all have the ability to transform our gifts into something valuable we can offer to the world. Don't you think it's time you started thriving in all facets of your life? Well I do. I am not here to give you all the answers (and I am not sure I even could) because you already know what is best for yourself. You just need a reminder, a little nudge, or maybe even a gentle kick in the pants to help you find the right direction for you. I will use all of my experience, knowledge, expertise, and intuition to help guide you to living your authentic life, but you must commit to your part too. So if you're game, I'm game. Let's figure this out together!

Through my coaching you can discover how to:

  • Communicate with your higher-self and figure out once and for all what's been stopping you from living your fullest life.

  • Take real-world action to overcome your fears, worries, anxiety, and doubts moving forward.

  • Find your ability to gain balance and clarity, determine your direction, access your personal truth, and trust your inner wisdom.

  • Take actions that align with your authenticity, on purpose and with passion.

  • Speak your truth and actively listen to others to enhance communication.

  • Realize your self-worth and express it in all that you do.

  • Ground yourself in presence and the joy of your physical experience while looking through the lens of your soul.

  • Set healthy boundaries and communicate with honesty, integrity, and love.

  • Turn your gifts (and even sensitivities) into assets of value, to you and to others.

  • Manifest your heart-centered desires from a place of abundance, peace, relaxation, and flow.

  • And much more....


All of my programs will be tailored specifically to your needs and the theme of what you want to manifest into your life the most. Best of all, you will get to experience first class service while embarking on your own personal journey of positive transformation. With all of my packages you will receive customized and personalized attention, but for my VIP packages you will also have the privilege of meeting me in luxurious surroundings as we indulge in lavish experiences to demonstrate our alignment with joyous abundance in all its glorious forms. We will also dive into various grounding activities to get us into congruence with our physical bodies, all the while learning to bring a spiritual perspective into everything we do. At the end of the intensive/retreat you will feel more relaxed, uplifted, and more confident in your own brand of truth. You will leave with an invigorated spirit and motivation to take new action towards living your best life. As long as you come with an open mind and heart and a willingness to engage you will not be disappointed. This intensive/retreat will give you the tools you need to start living the life you want, but it is ultimately up to you to follow through, as is true for anything.

What I offer in my intensive programs is essentially a stress relieving system reboot (set in the lap of luxury for my VIP packages) that aims to align your mind, body, and soul in order to honor your entire holistic system that makes you who you are. I firmly believe it is vital to consider all aspects of our makeup if we want to create lasting positive change in our lives. When you align your thoughts/beliefs (mind) with your feelings (emotions), your motivations and purpose (soul), and your inspired actions (body) you are then best primed to manifest the essence of whatever you truly desire. My focus is to help you with this process so that you can shorten your learning curve and get to your results so much more efficiently and effectively. But I don't just want to tell you what to do. I want to give you your own tools so that you can apply them in your own life time and time again, independently and with confidence in your knowledge and ability to do so. I never aim to be anyone's guru or crutch. My goal is to empower women to be their own guru in life, to ask themselves the right questions, and to make conscious choices rooted in self-love, self-acceptance, and divine purpose. So let's embark on this journey of self-care and self-discovery together so that you can start living your best life on your own terms.


  • You are ready to ask yourself some tough questions to get to the heart of what's been holding you back.

  • You are ready to step out of victim mentality and to be accountable for the choices and actions you make in your life (and the results you get).

  • You are ready for a positive shift in your life and are committed to doing the work to get you there.

  • You are open-minded and ready to acknowledge the truth about your Divine Nature.

  • You no longer want to settle for the status quo, whether it's in your career, relationships, your personal life, your health, your business, or anything else that may not be working for you.

  • You are ready and willing to be pampered and cared for as you immerse yourself in powerful personal growth and engage yourself in meaningful transformation.


  • You are not willing to invest in yourself, mind, body, and soul.

  • You are not interested in delving deeper into your motivations, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to uncover your personal truth.

  • You do not want to take responsibility for your actions and the results you receive.

  • You are unwilling to step into change.

  • You are apprehensive and cynical about the coaching process or the value of mentorship.


​Please keep in mind, the goal of the intensive is to cover main issues, themes, areas, or concerns you have that are most acute in your life right now. Because of the nature of the intensive it will be most efficient to start by delving right into reoccurring themes and patterns that you would like to to change the most in your life. An intensive is not ideal for covering everything at once because the goal is to get to the root of the most pressing areas rather than just skimming the surface. By focusing the session it will produce the most effective results moving forward for you. Of course every person is different and the protocol and results will differ based on each individual's specific needs and pace. But the key is to have one or two goals coming into it that we will work on with precision (e.g. gaining clarity, clearing negative thoughts and beliefs, creating alignment, transforming motivation, accessing higher-self guidance, creating an action plan, fostering accountability, etc.). Because we are addressing your holistic system in our time together you will often find that any other issues not dealt with in our session will find their own resolutions naturally because of the shifts you will be making in your alignment. Plus, you will be able to apply the tools you learn to any area of your life because you will be self-sufficient and able to relax into your personal truth, thereby finding the solutions you seek to any situation in your life using your own gift of intuition. And don't forget, you will have unlimited and direct email access to me personally plus scheduled phone call support to help guide you with any issues that come up and to help keep you accountable in creating your desired changes. Please know that you are not in this alone. While I cannot make any concrete guarantees about your progress or results (because everyone is unique), I can tell you that if you do your part and commit to the process you will be so much closer to finally attaining the results you seek.

Because of the time and energy invested on both our parts I always take great care to ensure that the people with whom I choose to work are a good fit for me and me for them. For this reason potential clients who are interested in my services can apply but only those selected will be contacted for a brief discovery interview (either by phone or in-person as applicable) to make sure that we each get the most of our time together. 



Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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