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What It Means To Simplify

When we are advised to simplify our lives the first thing that usually comes to mind is minimizing. But what if we are not minimalists? I know I certainly am not. What if you desire more than just the bare essentials? 

The truth is, when I talk about simplifying your life (and engaging in Mindful Indulgence) what I really mean is organizing, prioritizing, and changing your perspectives so that everything in your life becomes a conscious choice and an opportunity to experience joy and fulfillment.

Simplification to me simply means releasing all the blocks that hold us back, things like fear, regret, anger, jealousy, comparison, resentment, obligation, martyrdom, victim mentality, disappointment, apathy, as well as all clutter in the form of negative thoughts, emotions, and even the actual "things" that we no longer like or need. However, in order to do that each of us must choose joy as our default setting and make the effort to align with what we love and enjoy rather than settling for less. That means choosing to do what we love (or changing our perspectives so that we can find joy in all that we do), releasing what no longer serves us, surrounding ourselves with everything that contributes to our happiness, connecting to our Source and inner wisdom, and making note of what is most important to us in our lives instead of wasting time on the mundane, mediocre, or irrelevant. 

But if you break it down even further, simplifying simply means finding deeper meaning, purpose, and fulfillment through introspection, and realizing that we are co-creators with this beautiful expansive universe in creating the lives we truly want to live. No more settling. No more apologizing for our desires. And no more feeling sorry for ourselves. It is all about self-empowerment. And that's also what Mindful Indulgence is all about.

Simplifying does not mean trying to control every element of our lives either but, rather, being in a place of allowing, accepting, and flowing with life with grace, while at the same time being deliberate and aware of what we desire to manifest and how aligned we are with it.

So as you can see, we do not have to become minimalists in order to enjoy the simple life. All we need to do is understand our motivation and then make conscious choices that surround us with what makes us happiest, without compromise, justification, or excuses. As long as our priorities align with what we truly desire, and our actions are congruent with those same desires, then we will naturally be surrounded with everything that inspires joy within us. And that is what it means to live a simple and mindfully indulgent life.


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