Virtual Coaching Experience

What's included:

- Initial phone consultation

- 4 Weeks of Personal Email Access and Support (5 email consultations per week including follow-up)

- 4- half hour power coaching phone sessions (1 per week)


Offering a 4 Week Virtual Coaching Intensive Package where you will receive Elite Master Quality of Life Power Coaching focused completely on you. We will focus on your most pressing question or concern and I will help you start to find the clarity that you seek.


Once your application has been accepted, we will begin with a no obligation phone consultation. This is a informal conversation where we will get personally acquainted and you can ask me any questions you have about my coaching package(s), etc.

Once signed up (and all the formalities are out of the way), we will meet for an in-person lunch or dinner to get better acquainted and set the tone of our time together. You will then receive 4 weeks of direct elite 1-on-1 email life coaching access to me personally (5 consults per week) and 4 1/2-hour power coaching phone calls (1 per week) to help you create the changes you are most seeking in your life right now. In this coaching package I will help you move past any resistance or push back you might receive as you progress in taking new action on your goals. And I will help you remain on target as well as give you a chance to ask any questions as they arise.

This email and phone coaching package is an excellent tool to help you with accountability and changing unwanted patterns and habits that no longer serve you. During the 4 weeks I will take you through four phases: finding Clarity, creating Alignment, committing to Action, and fostering Accountability. For each of these focuses you will be provided with exercises as needed that will help you apply what you learn so that you can start to successfully create new and better habits as you move forward in manifesting your goals.


What I particularly like about email coaching is that it is an excellent tool for you to get in touch with your own inner knowledge too because there are no filters and you have as much time as you need to write down your concerns, thoughts, and questions. Writing is a very cathartic experience, and even if writing is not your strong-suit it doesn't matter because there is no judgment here. Writing out your feelings, concerns, fears, beliefs, and questions will help you tap into your own higher-self and help you reveal the layers beneath how you present yourself to the world. Plus, you will have a reference to which you can refer whenever you need a reminder. 

Through this package you will be guided on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment so that you can start to get to know your true self on a deeper level and learn how to be your own guru in your own life. I will begin by getting to know you before we even start (through a set of guided questions that will come in your welcome packet) so that our time together is spent on getting to the core of what you want to know. I will do my homework on you so that no minute is wasted trying to figure out the focus of our sessions. We will get to work right away but we will also have a lot of fun in the process. ​

​FYI: This package is currently only available to residents of Canada and the US.

INVESTMENT: $4000 + applicable taxes

*Please note: for email life coaching support for the duration of the agreed upon term of service will have a general response time of 48 hours (from receipt of email from client to coach), with allowable exceptions determined at the sole discretion of the coach.

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