Virtual Coaching Experience

Email Guidance and Phone Coaching Services

Need a motivational pick-me-up? Crave some inspiring words to get you through a specific situation? Want guidance on how to tap into your own inner wisdom and spiritual knowledge? Perhaps, then, an inspirational coaching email is exactly what you need.


What I provide is inspirational insights and perspectives using my extensive knowledge and many years of experience within the personal-development field, as well as intuitive guidance.


We are living in an age of accelerating potential and possibilities. It is a time where anything is possible and where our personal ability to create the life that we want to live is opening and expanding exponentially. As such, the energies are ripe for creative energy to flourish without limits. And the more that we are capable of tapping into our higher-self knowledge, the easier it will be for each of us to create the types of experiences that we want to have. We are creating our future right now and, in fact, every moment is a new opportunity to do so. The question is, what are we creating?

How it works:

Think of 1 question that you have where you need some insight or a fresh perspective. Please be as specific as possible, giving me any background information that you feel is necessary to illustrate your dilemma/issue/question/concern.

Then, email me your 1 question through the application form and, once confirmed, I will provide you with inspirational guidance and relevant tools to help you navigate through your situation and to help you find the clarity and peace of mind that you seek.

If you prefer a phone coaching session, or would like to add a phone session to your email session, simply apply here to request an appointment. 

It's that simple and easy.



  • One question email guidance: $95 CAD. Includes one follow-up email question if received within 48 hours of initial email reply.

  • 1 hour phone coaching session: $200 CAD

  • Payment method: Interac e-transfer.

  • Services currently only available to residents of Ontario, Canada.

  • Please note, all sales are final. 


Disclaimer and waver: The services offered by Dora Nudelman and The Quality of Life Advisors Group and its affiliates are intended for informational purposes only. By engaging in the above services you acknowledge that you are doing so at your own discretion and of your own free will, and that you take full responsibility for any and all actions that you take, as well as all results that may or may not ensue as a result. You also acknowledge that you are 18 years or older. You acknowledge that these services are not intended as a replacement for any medical or professional advice and that, if necessary, you will seek out the advice of the appropriate professional(s). You also acknowledge that no claims or guarantees are being provided to you through these services and, as such, you will not hold Dora Nudelman or The Quality of Life Advisors Group or any of its affiliates liable for any reason whatsoever.