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Providing Luxurious Inspirational Events for Women of Discerning Tastes

Indulge your senses. Enlighten your soul.

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- Mastermind with like-minded women in high vibe environments to stimulate creativity and self-appreciation

- Find much needed balance in your life

- Cultivate your inner confidence

- Get support for your boundaries

- Mindfully indulge in beautiful experiences

- Manifest your dream life and desired lifestyle by being authentic to who you are

- Fulfill your purpose and desires on your own terms


Do you identify as a highly sensitive person, an empath, or simply someone who feels energy on a much deeper level than most? Do you feel reluctant to step into your dream life for fear of disappointing others? Do you frequently place yourself and your personal needs on the back burner? Do you long for the days when things seemed simpler? Do you often question your decisions and wonder if you are living a purposeful life? Perhaps you are an entrepreneur in the spiritual, health, mindfulness, holistic, self-help, or similar field and find it difficult to compete in this dog-eat-dog world, fearing that integrity no longer holds any value in our society. If so, this could be the group for you.

We all desire to succeed in life, and we all need support in that endeavor, but empaths especially need to be surrounded by those who understand the world as they do. Empaths especially need support in becoming good receivers and giving themselves permission to be, do, and have what they desire without apology. Consequently, this  group will not only mastermind creative ideas and collaborations, but also, it will help us all feel more empowered and energized in a world that often misunderstands us, and a world in which we often feel like we do not fit.

The world needs more empathy, not ruthlessness, and we are the ones who can provide that type of integrity, but we can only do so if we learn how to stop dimming our own light and stop apologizing for our "sensitivities." We can make our desired impact on the world, but as empaths and highly sensitive women we need to focus on self-care just as much as we do on our day-to-day responsibilities. And this is the backbone of what our gatherings are all about.

As for the business-minded, it's hard enough being an entrepreneur, never mind one who is empathic, energy sensitive, and mindful about everything. The world is filled with groups, clubs, and masterminds for women in business, but how many of them specifically cater to the highly sensitive and nurturing women who not only need to navigate the regular nuances of running a business, but also the challenges that come with having a higher awareness, a healthy conscience, as well as an ambitious appetite for success? 


Now, this group is not about business coaching per se, because there are plenty of resources that talk about that. And our main focus will not be about learning marketing strategies or social media tricks to succeed. While these topics are certainly not off the table, mainly, this group is about supporting each other in living our best lives as it relates to all areas of our lives. In order for each of us to thrive in our work life, we need to first and foremost feel empowered. And the only way we can feel empowered is by making choices that align us with our purpose, passions, and desires. And this is what we aim to achieve.

As an empath, entrepreneur, and someone who appreciates the finer things in life, I have a unique perspective that can help other women like me find strategies to maintain a more balanced and fulfilling life. We are not striving for "perfection" here; we are simply acknowledging the superpowers that we each have within us and how we can tap into those powers to create (and savor) the life we want to live, one moment and one step at a time. Oh, and the goal is to also have as much fun as we can along the way.

So if you feel ready to step into your power and use all of your gifts to cultivate your ideal life, then feel free to reach out and say hi. Show your interest, for the more women that do, the more empowered we will all be to change this world for the better.

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming events and please feel free to touch base or inquire about potential get-togethers and to share any ideas you might have for future activities and events.....

I look forward to meeting you!

To our mutual happiness and success!

Stay tuned....


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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