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Small Group 1 Day VIP Luxury Intensives (for women only) + 1 Week of 1-on-1 Personal Email Follow-up Coaching 


What's included:

- Initial phone consultation

- Complementary Valet Parking

- 1 Full Day Customized Private 1-on-1 VIP Coaching Intensive, held in the lap of luxury

- Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack offerings

- 1 Full Week of Personal Coaching Email Follow-up

Once your application has been accepted, we will begin with a no obligation phone consultation. This is a informal conversation where we will get personally acquainted and you can ask me any questions you have about my coaching package(s), etc.

In this intensive/retreat you will be engaging with a few other like-minded women (only about 5-10 women will be selected per intensive/retreat). For those who want personalized attention but at a lesser cost investment than the private option, this is certainly a great alternative. Because the group is small you will still receive personalized attention, but you will also receiving the opportunity to share your experience with like-minded women who share your interests and vision.

Through your intensive you will be guided on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment so that you can start to get to know your true self on a deeper level and learn how to be your own guru in your own life. I will start by getting to know you before we even start (through a set of guided questions that will come in your welcome packet) so that our time together is spent on getting to the core of what you want to know. I will do my homework on you so that no minute is wasted trying to figure out the focus of our sessions. We will get to work right away but we will also have a lot of fun in the process.


Please keep in mind, this type of intensive is not for everybody. It takes someone who is greatly invested in themselves and, of course, someone who has the necessary means and resources to participate. I put a lot of time and energy into creating these types of private intensive experiences and so it is very important to me that the clients with whom I work are fully committed as well. But before you apply, please consider this option only if this intensive feels right to you, and only if it is viable for you at this time, as I want you to be sure that you are ready and able to take the leap. If you are not, please see all the other offerings I provide to see if there is a better fit for you. But if you are ready and able, I will be honored to help you via this very special platform.

INVESTMENT: Please enquire.

Once accepted into the coaching intensive program, if applicable, please inform of any special needs, allergies, preferences, and/or dietary restrictions prior to booking an intensive/retreat so that I can do my very best to accommodate.

*Please note: for unlimited email life coaching support for the duration of the agreed upon term of service will have a general response time of 48 hours (from receipt of email from client to coach), with allowable exceptions determined at the sole discretion of the coach. 


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