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Are You An Empath?

  • Do you often feel drained by the people and environments that surround you?

  • Do you tend to absorb the emotions of others as if they are your own?

  • Do you suffer from mental, emotional, or physical fatigue far too regularly?

  • Do you feel like you do most of the giving in your relationships (romantic, friendships, family, colleagues, etc.)?

  • Do you have unjustified feelings of guilt or obligation?

  • Are you naturally caring and nurturing by personality?

  • Do you have trust issues (i.e. are you paranoid that people are trying to deceive or take advantage of you)?

  • Do you feel the need to control everything and everyone in order to feel at peace?

  • Do you find witnessing violence or cruelty unbearable, including watching violence on TV or in movies?

  • Do you often attract people who take advantage of you or ask for too much?

  • Do you find that people regularly come to you with their problems, often dumping on you without seeking permission?

  • Do you feel "off" sometimes but don’t know why?

  • Do you sometimes feel moody for no apparent reason? 

  • Are you easily affected by the moods of others?

  • Do people often tell you that you are “too sensitive”?

  • Were you an anxious, shy, or nervous child?

  • Do you often feel more comfortable being in the background even if you often step up for the sake of appearances or meeting expectations yet have the desire to be more, do more, and feel special?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by large crowds or rowdy environments?

  • Do you feel you have to hide your sensitivities for fear of being judged, ridiculed, or rejected by society?

  • Do you experience anxiety, self-doubt, and even panic attacks on a fairly regular basis?

  • Do you feel the need to mask your true feelings in order to fit in?

  • Do you sense the energy of people and things around you but don’t know how to explain it or rationalize it?

  • Do you find yourself trying to be “perfect” in order to avoid punishment or feeling guilty?

  • Do you find yourself engaging in escapist activities in order to numb yourself to your reality?

  • Do you make it a high priority to arrange your life in such a way as to avoid what you perceive will be upsetting or overwhelming situations (i.e. do you avoid conflict?)?

  • Do you have a heightened sense of awareness of your physical environment, including smells, sounds, tastes, sights, and touch/textures?

  • Do you abhor interpersonal conflict, whether it's your own or something you are witnessing with others?

  • Do you try to avoid drama at all costs?

  • Do you have an affinity for beauty, art, and the finer things in life (i.e. does it make you feel at peace to experience these things)?

  • Do you often feel like you need a lot of alone or down time to regroup and recharge, particularly after spending time at a specific event or with a particular person?

If you answered "yes" to most of these questions you are at the very least a Highly Sensitive Person but most likely you are also an Empath. Because being an empath is not all that mainstream within society, it is often harder to determine if you are one or admit to yourself that this might be the case. Sometimes you might feel like you are just very different from everyone else and maybe even feeling like you are at odds with the way society functions. But regardless of whether or not you identify as an empath, per say, you might still identify with being highly empathetic (which is less about energy sensitivity and more about being human). If that is the case, you too can feel depleted by how you react to life around you. Perhaps you are more introverted or more introspective at times and, therefore, sometimes feel out of place in artificial environments. Perhaps you see yourself as a pushover who allows others to take advantage of your kindness (because you don't know how to say no). Perhaps you regularly feel the obligation to over-give, over-nurture, and over-extend. And perhaps you are a perpetual people-pleaser who constantly feels under-appreciated and taken for granted. Regardless, these are all experiences that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused, just the same as an empath.


I have been an empath all of my life but for a long time I didn’t know it. I knew that I sensed things. I knew that I had a tendency to be overly-giving. And I knew that I constantly attracted energy vampires, takers, and manipulators into my life, but I didn’t know why or understand how. As a result I became really closed-off and suspicious of people, but at the same time I blamed myself for being overly cynical.


It's these types of experiences that can lead us into victim consciousness, which can also lead us to feeling like we have no control over our lives (see here for more). It causes us to attempt to control everything and everyone so that we no longer have to feel this type of vulnerability again. But this ultimately causes us to shut down our intuition (or at least doubt it) and close our hearts to experiences and people that could actually be right and good for us. For this reason those of us who are energy sensitive must embrace and activate our inner power so that we feel empowered instead of victimized.


But sometimes it takes a wake-up call, whether it's being in an unhealthy relationship, feeling exhausted and depleted, or even having an issue with health that causes a strong desire within us to finally make a change. The funny thing about being an empath is that often you won't even know you are one until some sort of climax does appear in your life. For me it was when I started to experience panic attacks that I began to take things a bit more seriously. Anxiety is not synonymous with living a peaceful, balanced, or happy quality of life (and no amount of money or external success can truly fix that) so I knew I had to get to the bottom of it, and fast. When all you are thinking about is how to attain freedom from anxiety you are not able to enjoy your life or be of true service to anyone else, so simply coping in my opinion was not good enough for me (but it was a good start). 

Because I grew up with a holistic outlook on life I knew that I personally wanted to find a way to resolve my anxiety issues in a more natural and organic way. Natural remedies, energy work, meditation, and other natural and holistic modalities were successful in helping me cope with my anxiety for sure, but I knew that I wanted to get to the root of the issue so that I wouldn’t be dependent on anything external to me for relief. As I started to read everything I could find on the topic of anxiety and panic attacks, my first personal breakthrough came in learning what an empath was. Everything finally made sense, and what a relief because after thinking for so long that there was something inherently wrong with me I realized that there was a logical explanation to why I was experiencing my life in this way. What I needed to understand next was the reason behind that "sudden" onset of panic, anxiety, and overwhelm. What was it at that time in my life that caused such mental and emotional unrest? I mean, I felt "fine"....until I didn't. There was no warning (that I picked up on anyway) and so it felt like it came from "out of the blue." But in reality it was a culmination of things.

Although anxiety can have many causes, what I learned for myself was that the more in tune we are with our intuition the less we are able to deny our empathic abilities. And, the more we try to push down or stifle our intuition, especially as highly sensitive people, the more we become disconnected from the cause and meaning behind how we are feeling. As a result we start to also disconnect from who we really are, which causes us to feel deeply out of control. When we reject who we really are (and bury our true feelings and desires) it causes resistance within our system that can come up as anxiety and panic from “out of nowhere” and “for no reason.”


I was very intuitive starting from childhood, always hyper-aware of my surroundings and attuned to sensing the unseen energies around me. I was also very skilled at reading people, even from a young age. As I got a bit older, though, I tended to ignore that part of me most of the time. Society didn’t recognize or value intuition or empathy in the way that I experienced it, so I didn’t talk about it much or include it too much in my life. Then when I started embarking on a more spiritual journey of self-discovery and higher-consciousness that is when things really came to a head. All of the sudden the resistance I had been holding on to finally gave way. There was nowhere to hide. The empathy, the unjustified guilt, the overwhelm, the exhaustion, the lack of control, and the resentment had built up to a point where something simply had to give. I thought it was my sanity but in reality it was my false identification with self. Consequently, I knew that in order to overcome my fears I would need to proactively strip away my false beliefs to reveal my true and authentic self once again, and present that to the world without apprehension. And although I had always had a rebellious streak within me that caused me to stubbornly walk my own path, I realized that I still needed to fully embrace my uniqueness, my empathy, and my intuition without fear of disapproval or judgment from those who simply did not understand. 

That’s when the floodgates of information and guidance opened up for me. All of the sudden I was meeting the right people and reading the right books, all of which began to guide me on who I really was and what I needed to do to help myself get out of the anxiety cycle. I learned how to use introspection to help me uncover my emotional and mental blocks as well as how to release negative patterns from my life. And from there I developed my own methods of allowing my energy to shine bright while at the same time shielding myself from energy vampires and other energies that were not aligned with my desires or my peace of mind. I finally started trusting my intuition again, and as a result, I avoided the unnecessary conflicts I used to attract due to my self-doubt. I stopped second-guessing my higher-self and what I was being guided towards and embraced my gift for reading between the lines of what people were telling me.


But I think the main lesson I learned was that I needed to set healthy boundaries and be okay with the results that came of that. I needed to get over my need to please everyone, I needed to shed my feelings of responsibility to "make" everyone happy, and I needed to release my desire to be liked (or more specifically, not to be seen as the "bad guy" for saying no). Furthermore, I needed to let go of my fear of disappointing others and my ego's desire to seem unaffected and apathetic (in order to hide my vulnerability) so that I could step into and communicate my truth unapologetically and without the fear of losing relationships because of it. I needed to realize that the people who really mattered would love me unconditionally and would not take advantage of my kindness, while those who exited my life would be doing so for my benefit as they would no longer be a match to the energy I was putting out and intending to receive. I also realized that I needed to ground myself, especially in the present moment, so that I no longer thought about the past or worried about the future so much (see here for more). And I needed to release negative beliefs and blockages that were causing me to feel less than centered. Once I did all that, my life changed exponentially for the better.

So I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, fearful, anxious, ungrounded, and uncertain. I also know what it’s like to come out the other end of that feeling more confident and self-assured than ever before. To be able to embrace my intuition, claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and general empathy as my tools rather than a curse has become one of my greatest assets. And to be able to share those gifts to help others who are now experiencing the same type of stress, anxiety, and perhaps even panic that I had experienced years ago is something I greatly value. 

Sometimes people have a hard time realizing that what they are is in fact empathic. There is a certain negative stigma our society has about being overly kind, overly sensitive, and overly giving. And for this reason empathy is often mistaken for weakness. So it is no wonder why many naturally empathic people don't want to admit to their empathy, either to others or to themselves. The world can be a loud place sometimes. As such, much praise is given to those who are loud along with it. But there is great power in quiet confidence too and the loving energetic offerings empaths give to the world.


Now, some believe that empaths identify only as introverts, shy recluses, wallflowers, and hermits but this is not necessarily the case. While empaths do tend to need more "downtime" (i.e. time to themselves) than most, and tend to process stimuli differently that others, they can in fact be quite extroverted and outgoing as well. For me I can be both introverted and extroverted, depending on my mood or on the circumstances at hand. Sometimes I feel quiet, reflective, and in my own world of observation, imagination, thought, analysis, and contemplation. But at other times I am super social, sarcastic, out-going, opinionated, and comfortable being at the center of attention. Regardless, I am always an empath. As such, often being an empath has more to do with how you process the energy around you than your specific personality type.

Unfortunately mainstream society doesn't talk much about the empath. For this reason many empaths are in the empathic closet and either don't want to come out for fear of persecution or don't want to admit to themselves they are empathic in the first place. But understanding how energy affects you and knowing how to handle it makes any empath a force to be reckoned with. It makes you empowered and helpful. It makes you charismatic, influential, and powerful to affect positive change.


Now, while I feel there is a lot of great advice out there about how to cope with being an empath, I find the most valuable advice talks more about creating lasting transformation rather than simply avoiding triggers. Being an empath need not mean spending your life at the mercy of the world around you or constantly trying to avoid certain situations because they bother you more than most. In fact, it is only when you do not know how to manage, and more importantly, transform your empathy that it turns into a hindrance.

Empathy for sure can sometimes feel like a curse, especially when it comes alongside fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and under-appreciation. But once it is honed and maximized it can become your greatest asset and it can be the gateway to many more great gifts to come. Subsequently, perceiving your empathy as something you need to cope with or get rid of simply does not allow for your full power to shine. Managing empathy isn't enough; it must be harnessed and used to empower you and those around you. Now this doesn't mean that coping techniques are not useful; it just means that in order to really embrace your empathic abilities you need to accept them fully and use them fully. I still use specific methods to cleanse my aura, I still employ particular exercises to clear my mind, and I still uphold healthy boundaries so that I don't take on other people's emotions as my own. But as I have learned to embrace my energy sensitivities more and more, I have also learned to "shield" myself from unwanted emotions and sensations by default. I have turned myself into a powerful channel that only allows what is useful to me to enter into my energetic field while automatically casting off anything that is potentially damaging to me. I don't feel afraid of the world and what it will throw at me because I feel empowered in my ability to accept what I want and reject what I deem undesirable. Plus I know that coping mechanisms are still always available to me if I need them. But I have reclaimed my power and now direct my empathic abilities at will to assist myself in what I want to manifest while also guiding others in living their best version of their own lives. Am I perfectly Zen all the time? No, I'm still human. But I do get better at it every day with practice and the knowing that I can be at peace and empowered as I desire.

Look, as an empath you could avoid all situations that involve large crowds, negative people, conflicts, disturbing television programs and movies, and the like, but the more you allow your empathy to limit you, the more you will be denying yourself and others the gifts you have to offer. I still prefer to distance myself from horror movies or disturbing images on TV, and I can do that with no real consequence. But I will not avoid doing what I love out of fear. Instead, I have learned how to get grounded in my power so that I can use my empathic abilities for my benefit and the benefit of others. For instance, I love to travel, I love going out, I love exploring new places, I love meeting new people, etc. but I will not use my empathy as an excuse to hide from these experiences, and neither should you. In fact, I now see my empathy as a great asset that helps me discern for myself what I need and assist others on their path of positive transformation too.

As an empath, or highly sensitive person, it is not definite that you have or will experience a heightened state of anxiety or panic attacks, but it is likely that you do or will experience some sort of heightened mental or emotional, and sometimes even physical unrest. But as an empath you need not feel like you are at a disadvantage, and hence, must resign yourself to your challenges just because "that’s just the way you are." Instead you can actually transform your challenges into your superpowers.


Empaths can be very successful as they instinctively know and anticipate what others need and provide it to them, but they can easily forget about themselves, which often leads to their well running dry. And when that happens stress and anxiety can easily ensue. But this type of energy sensitivity and subsequent anxiety can actually be a gift. This might seem counter-intuitive but if you perceive your anxiety as a type of power that can be transformed into another form of power, you will see how truly powerful you are. You can still be an empath, but as a controlled empath you will be able to use your empathic skills as a gift to yourself and to others rather than seeing it as an obstacle. Being an empath will actually become your superpower.

How can stress, anxiety, empathy, and heightened energy sensitivity be a gift?


  • It heightens our awareness and makes us keen observers.

  • It shows us what we might need to change.

  • It helps us detect dishonesty and ulterior motives in others.

  • It prompts us to be present and fully engaged in the moment.

  • It asks us to listen to ourselves and trust our intuition.

  • It helps us identify red flags so that we can save ourselves from unwanted situations.

  • It creates an opportunity to engage in proactive communication and resolution.

  • It shows us that we are energetic beings, which then demonstrates the power we have within us that can be directed in any way that we choose.

  • It is a strong motivator that propels us into action and making positive changes as needed.

  • It can inspire us to reflect and learn new things about ourselves and others.

  • It creates desire and helps us set focus and intentions for what we want (sometimes by objectively noticing what we don't want).

  • It shows us the truth about other people and helps us read between the lines.

  • It helps us understand and help others in a non-judgmental and meaningful way.

  • It prompts us to pay attention and gives us a clue to take notice of something important.

  • It shows us our potential for using our inner power to create amazing experiences in our lives.

If you have ever experienced anxious feelings you can attest to how vibrational you feel. What I mean by that is, you can feel anxiety (adrenaline) coursing through your veins. You can feel how it affects your breathing patterns and mental activity. And you can feel how much energy you are using to try to contain it. But once you stop resisting all that and instead start understanding it, that anxiety will transform into power and you will realize how truly powerful you really are. In fact, that energy will become your superpower that you can direct in any way that serves your best interests. Your stress and/or anxiety and your empathy will actually become your gifts that you can use in their transformed state to create the life you truly desire.

As an empath myself I have learned how to harness my gifts and turn them into my superpowers. I no longer allow myself to be a victim of my emotions or a passive participant in the energetic world I used to have a hard time understanding. I have become more proficient in knowing how to ground myself and "shield" myself from energy that is not my own. I have embodied my purpose and learned how to channel it into a career that I love. I have embraced my intuition and Divine Communication abilities and fully accept my inherent uniqueness and individuality. I have created healthy boundaries which I now always successfully uphold. I have let go of the resentment I used to feel for feeling taken for granted and have learned to take full responsibility for my own mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. And I no longer feel guilty about receiving all the wonderful joy I know I truly do deserve.

Being a good receiver is especially important for empaths and energy sensitive people because we are the most prone to energy drainage. We are constantly giving to other people and trying to fix and help others with their problems. But when we are bad receivers we simply do not fill up our own reserves fast enough, so we feel tired and depleted as a result. We must become good receivers so that we can harness our power and transform our stress and anxiety into productivity, purpose, positive energy, and joyous service. We must become good receivers, not just for our own sake but for the sake of having enough energy and power left over to share with the world.

Stress and anxiety are powerful but when we harness and transform that power we not only become

unstoppable, we become of greater service to others as well. But in order to harness that power we first need to release our resistance to it and stop labeling it as something negative that we need to get rid of.Transforming anxiety starts by embracing it, harnessing it, relaxing into it, and not fighting it. It's about flowing with it, noticing it, understanding it, and using it to your advantage. Ask yourself, "What is this anxiety or stress trying to tell me or show me right now in this moment?" The more we ignore it and the more we try to push it away, the more it will feel like a problem. But if we see stress and anxiety as catalysts to powerful change we will no longer feel victimized or out of control, and eventually we will be able to tap in to the gift of being empathic from a place of stability, peace, and calm.

As an empath you have a lot to give and because of that shining energy others will always be attracted to you like a moth to a flame. But it is your responsibility to decide how much of yourself you are willing to give because people will seek you out and they will push your boundaries if you let them. Like it was for me, you probably have people coming to you for advice on a regular basis, maybe even irresponsibly dumping their worries and concerns onto your lap in a one-sided exchange. You also likely experience strangers coming from out of the woodwork seeking your compassion and help. Furthermore, you are likely very attractive to users, manipulators, and energy drainers because they intuitively sense your power and want a piece of it. That is why it is so important for you to learn how to share your energy on your own terms rather than it being taken from you haphazardly.

The funny thing is, so many of us feel overly-stressed, drained, and unfulfilled but we don’t equate that to being energy sensitive. While poor diet, lack of exercise, and general work/family-related stress can contribute to how we feel, we must also include energy into the equation if we are to get a well-rounded look at who we are and how we function in this world. We can no longer ignore the spiritual and energetic parts of ourselves and we cannot only rely on our physical reality to dictate how we live our lives. 


For this reason I have come up with stress-relieving intensives and other programs and services that help energy-sensitive, empathic, and/or overburdened and overly-stressed people get more rooted in their inner power so that they can find harmony between their spiritual/energetic selves and their physical reality. Specifically as empaths we can feel very disconnected from our bodies as we tend to envelope the emotions of others into our energetic fields, especially if we are not mindful or grounded. As a result we are often not aware of where we end and where others begin (energetically-speaking). For this reason it is especially important for us to understand how to distinguish ourselves from others and how to decipher between what's ours from what is theirs. I have learned how to do this and I want to share that with you so that you too can finally live a life filled with peace in the present and excitement for what's to come in the future. 


Now while there is a ton of information out there that you can find on coping with being extra sensitive, stressed, and empathic (BTW - I highly encourage your research), I know that getting personalized help from someone who knows where you are coming from is invaluable. While I too explored many avenues and sought out the helpful assistance of various healers and guides to help me with my empathic struggles (and they did teach me very powerful tools), I would have loved to have a dedicated mentor and a customized program that devoted the time and attention I needed to help me understand myself and what I was feeling even better. I would have loved to experience a relaxing and informative private intensive to help me shorten my learning curve so that it didn't have to take me so long to overcome my own anxiety. This is one of the reasons I created my programs in the first place: so that others like me could get to the other side of their stress, fear, anxiety, and confusion more efficiently and with the guided help that they need. 


For example, one of the reasons I typically conduct my intensives in more lavish environments (other than it is just fun to do so) is because I believe many energy-sensitive and overly-stressed people don’t know how to nurture themselves. They often put their needs and desires on the back-burner and ignore their own requirements for self-care and self-appreciation. And even if they do indulge from time to time in the finer things (which really means doing anything you love), they either feel guilty for it or they aren’t present with it enough to get the energetic recharge they so desperately need. For instance, often when we go on a retreat or vacation we view it more as a temporary distraction from life than an opportunity or means for becoming more enlightened and better equipped to deal with everyday life. As a result, when we return to the "real world" the same issues that we left behind still remain. But with my intensives you get the best of both worlds: the environment and atmosphere that relaxes, inspires, and rejuvenates you, a customized action plan that will help you create much needed positive change, and helpful loving support to help guide you through doubts and challenges as they come up so that you can start to enjoy a more balanced and joyous quality of life moving forward. 

Luxury to me symbolizes the beauty of infinite abundance and the perfection of our universe. It also symbolizes our ability and willingness to appreciate not only what’s around us but also our inherent value and right to enjoy these glorious types of experiences. Especially as empaths and over-givers we deserve to indulge in the finer things. We deserve to experience the beauty and joy this world has to offer us. And as such, we need to finally show ourselves that we are just as important as everyone else by giving ourselves permission to enjoy our lives with no regrets, justifications, or excuses. 

Now while it is true that we can do this in many ways, I prefer to do it in ways that exemplify quality, nurturing, integrity, and attention to detail. I believe GOD is in the details and so whenever I see quality, whether it’s in something I eat, a place to which I go, or a product that I buy, I feel God is in those details. Creativity, passion, and purpose, these are all qualities I admire and feel express our divinity to the extreme, which is why I choose the means and environments for myself and my clients that exemplify these qualities to a tee. 

Does this sound like you? 

You are curious about your purpose, want to live a fulfilling life, want to manifest your desires and goals, but also want to know how to handle your stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that is largely caused by your lack of boundaries and over-giving and empathic nature.

If so, you need to understand that uncontrolled empathy and lack of boundaries make it hard to engage in purposeful manifestation because it blocks your desires through a misalignment of energies. And so, as an empathic and nurturing person, in order to manifest with purpose you need to understand how to overcome your fears, doubts, and people-pleasing tendencies so that you can finally take your own needs and wants into consideration too. Furthermore, you need to give yourself permission to do what you love and enjoy the most without feeling the need to justify it or apologize for it. Moreover, you need to understand where your purpose begins and where your “obligations” end so that you can be of true service to others by respecting your personal energy reserves, thus giving you more energy to share in the long-run. 

Empathic and nurturing people tend to be hyper-aware of the needs of others. Now, while this in and of itself is not a bad thing, when this ability is not controlled it can feel more like a burden than a gift. As such, in order to transform this ability from a hindrance into an asset we need to learn to use this hyper-awareness state to connect with our higher-self wisdom so that we can make guided decisions rather than ones based in fear. It is then that we will be able to use our empathy and intuition to help ourselves navigate our purpose, gain clarity, manifest mindfully, and practice self-respect and appreciation so that we can truly make the powerful and positive impact we desire.

As such, through my purpose and self-empowerment coaching I help empathic, over-giving, and nurturing people who feel frustrated, stressed, and over-extended in their lives feel a deeper sense of peace, clarity, and overall fulfillment. And I do this through teaching self-awareness techniques along with inspirational writing practices to reveal higher-self wisdom, guidance, and inner confidence. I also do this by teaching how to create healthy boundaries as well as self-care and self-appreciation habits in order to create more balance and joy in life. 

And once again, my focus is on providing my clients with a respite from their hectic lives through a more luxurious approach to life coaching. Whether it is through a virtual intensive or through one of my in-person intensive/retreat offerings, I make it my goal to provide a bespoke experience that caters to my clients’ needs and desires. My focus is on personal attention to detail and the encouragement of self-care practices that help my clients feel recharged, invigorated, and motivated to create what they most desire in their lives.

Personal care is something most empathic and nurturing people leave off the table, but when this is not addressed it can become a detriment to their mental, emotional, energetic, and physical well-being. For this reason I want to help put self-care back on the agenda, not as an "indulgence" to be had when time permits, but as a necessity to living a whole and happy life.

So what are some of the things you can learn?

  • Standing up and out authentically in a loud world by being true to yourself.

  • Practicing self-care and appreciation.

  • Grounding your energies.

  • Creating and upholding boundaries.

  • Rediscovering your purpose.

  • Manifesting through the path of least resistance.

  • Harnessing your confidence.

  • Engaging in a positive self-image.

  • Feeling good enough.

  • Embracing your gifts.

  • Overcoming fear and anxiety.

  • Shielding your energy.

  • Appreciating deep thinking and feeling (valuing your analytical mind and deep emotions).

  • Merging your spiritual awareness (mindfulness) with your physical experiences, pleasures, and manifestations.

  • Embracing and fulfilling your desires.

  • Eradicating the myth of competition.

  • Embracing, owning, and celebrating your uniqueness.

  • Releasing your need for approval or to "fit in."

  • Speaking your truth.

  • Releasing stigma and labels.

  • Delegating responsibility.

  • Holding others accountable.

  • Understanding your empathic type (introverted, extroverted, or something in between).

  • Balancing mindful giving with gracious receiving.

  • Honing your intuition and learning higher-self communication (including automatic writing).

  • Knowing how to promote yourself without feeling like you're bragging (i.e. educating and sharing knowledge versus "selling" yourself and trying to prove or convince).

  • Releasing your need for approval and/or validation.

  • Taking responsibility for your choices.

  • Being a co-creator in your own life.

  • Embracing your sensitivities and using them to your advantage.

  • Accepting yourself.

  • Asking for help.

  • Feeling deserving and worthy as you are.

  • Giving yourself permission to follow your passions and manifest your desires.

  • Making yourself a priority.

  • Ridding yourself of guilt and resentment.

  • And more....

So join me in this journey of self-discovery where you will enjoy the comforts of personalized attention as you learn the truth of who you are, discover the power you have within, and finally appreciate the value you bring to this world.

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