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A Call to Light Workers

As a light worker and empath myself, I believe it is part of my purpose to help knowing or unknowing healers, empaths, and light workers step into their power and own their place in the world. I feel it is my mission to help them elevate themselves and fulfill their potential so that they can help the world to ascend to the next level of consciousness. I also believe I am here, in part, to influence the influencers, i.e., those people who have or will have the power, platform, and authority to positively influence society on a grander scale.

Having said that, I want to make it clear that as light workers we cannot do our “job” from a defeatist position. We need to be empowered in order to empower others. So there is simply no place for fear, doubt, insecurity, or lack of self-worth in our lives.

In order to fulfill our purpose as light workers we need to be fulfilled ourselves. That’s because we can only do our best from a position of strength, not weakness. We cannot give what we do not have, so we must take care of ourselves and our own needs and desires so that we will always have an endless flow of energy to joyously share with others.

This is not a call to be selfish or self-absorbed, but as light workers we already know this inherently. Giving is not our issue, nor is it our lesson. Instead, we are being called on to balance the scales, for when we deplete ourselves, we are not as useful as we can be to the whole of humanity. Ever felt like saving the world when you were feeling tired, sick, or uninspired? The answer I think speaks for itself.

We already do so much, so perhaps we need to proactively and joyously start allowing others to step up to the plate a bit more. Giving and receiving is a cycle, but it cannot spin properly if it is only going the one direction. Furthermore, we are not helping anyone by enabling them to be lazy or self-entitled.

What we as light workers need to understand is that by playing it small, or feeling guilty for receiving, we end up helping less people. Being “nice” on its own cannot sustain us materially or financially. We may be light workers but we also live in this 3D reality. So we must create healthy boundaries and a healthy balance between giving and receiving in our lives in order for us to have the will and energy to do what we came here to do. 

More specifically, many light workers think that they are above receiving money for their work. They think since their work is to help humanity thrive that money will simply taint that mission and make it less spiritual. But this is not the truth. Giving everything away for free won’t make anyone self-responsible, nor will it likely pay the bills. In this world we all have the need for money, as money is the main form of exchange for the goods and services we use to survive. So it is not less spiritual to accept money in exchange for our gifts and offerings. On the contrary, it is necessary and incredibly spiritual because it honors the law of reciprocity.

In order to be the best for others, we must be the best for ourselves first. After all, if we are in need, how can we truly help anyone else? And so, feeling guilty or undeserving for enjoying our lives, experiencing pleasure, or even receiving compensation for our work is simply counter-productive. 

Remember, just because we have a gift for helping others does not mean that we must give it away at all costs. What we offer may come easily to us as a skill, but it does not undercut the value it can bring to someone else’s life. And so, exchange of energy is fair, otherwise money, and its equivalents, wouldn’t exist.

Know that you do not have to choose between spirituality and the material world. We came here with a higher mission, yes. But that mission does not include isolation, necessary suffering, or martyrdom. We deserve to have and do and be whatever we desire in life, just as much as anyone else does, if not even more so. So let’s stop beating ourselves up for every little thing and let’s start appreciating what we came here to be, do, and have. 

Remember, this is not an either/or decision. We can truly have it all if we simply allow ourselves the privilege of receiving it.



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