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1 Week to Happy!
7 Simple Steps to a Happier You and a Happier Life
The desire for happiness is likely the biggest motivator there is, as everything we do on some level has to do with our desire to be happy in one way or another. So why does happiness sometimes feel like such an unachievable goal?

In this book you will learn the answer to this question and more through a process that will enlighten you to your personal definition of happiness. "1 Week to Happy" and the steps outlined within will walk you through explanations and exercises that will not only help you understand the root of your unhappiness, but will also help you transform that dissatisfaction into pure joy. You will realize that happiness is a choice and that true inner bliss need not depend upon anything external to you.

Furthermore, you will learn how to achieve your dream life from a place of inner peace and happiness rather than struggling and striving to just get by. As a result, you will start manifesting your best life with ease and your stress levels will start to melt away. In just one week you will be on your way to being your happiest and most fulfilled self.

***Judge's Commentary from the 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards:

"1 Week to Happy takes books with a similar theme one step further by giving that quest for happiness and a calm life a structure that readers can relate to. Like a diet detox, the book has a plan for each day. Advice and exercises are in clear, common-sense language that makes it relatable to readers and keeps the advice from being overwhelming. The exercises make sense and are not so complicated or esoteric that they’d turn readers off.

The book takes full advantage of e-book technology, and readers will particularly benefit from the go back link at the end of each section. A physical reminder like that also helps keep readers on track and is a great prompt to making sure information was retained.

The book is good-looking, chapter heads are bright and cheerful, stock art adds to the appeal, and fonts are readable and make sense. The cover is cute and sets the correct tone for what’s inside...The book was well-written and well-edited, a very professional product."

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You Are Here: How to awaken your potential and live your greatest life now!
From You Are Here: To counteract the stress, struggle, confusion, or any degree of general dissatisfaction you may be experiencing in your life today, this book has been designed to help you realize your true power, and to show you how to use it to create the happiness you deserve.
The premise of this book is simple: it is to help you become aware of the most powerful moment you will ever have to create the life you want to live. And that moment is now. By recognizing the power within you right now, and by being fully engaged with it, you will not only become more conscious of your creative energy, you will also naturally release unwanted conditions from your life. You will truly know how to live a full and happy life, now and always.
In this book you will learn how to: * Experience true happiness, peace of mind, and authentic success * Successfully manage and reduce stress and release your fears * Recognize and fulfill your purpose and ultimate potential * Manifest your goals through peace and joy rather than through stress and struggle * Tap into your internal guidance system and use it to make your best choices * Create the life you love, and enjoy every step along the way.

***Judge's Commentary from the 20th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards:

"The writing conveys this author's passion for understanding the ways of the spiritual life and, in following one of its basic tenets, generously shares her wisdom in the pages of this practical, well-organized book, displaying a real compassion for the human experience in all of its many shades.  Ms. Nudelman presents her observations in a way that should inspire in ways that can only benefit any reader willing to make the leap of faith and accept and follow her suggestions and the principles she conveys.  The writing is clear and concise so as to be accessible to the experienced reader of such books also while remaining wholly accessible to newcomers."

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