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It is completely natural to wonder about life and your place within it; to have desires and want to fulfill them; to want to know the 'secret' to experiencing your greatest life. But struggle need not be a prerequisite for living a full and happy life. 
I've always had a sense that there is more to this world than meets the eye. Even as a child, I always felt a presence, even if I didn't know what it was, yet often defined it as a guiding force, an energy, a guardian, an inspiration, and an intuition. And although I wavered between faith and fear at times throughout my life thus far, I have always had a sense that everything was truly alright.

Starting from childhood I've been a highly inquisitive person, always asking questions about purpose and our true spiritual origins, and always being curious and observant about the nature of the universe, energy, and human nature and behavior as a whole. But it was around the time I turned 30 that my spiritual awareness really went into overdrive. 

Along my journey, as my confidence in my intuition grew, and the synchronicities in my life presented themselves more and more, I became even more certain that what we perceive with our five senses only touches the surface of what's actually going on or is possible.
Being an astute observer of people and life in general what I noticed is that so many people are on a path of self-destruction but they don't know it because they are too busy blaming external factors for their unhappiness. They simply fail to see the connection between their consciousness and their circumstances. But that's one thing I aim to change, i.e. I want people to recognize the role they play in what they manifest into their own lives. I want people to acknowledge how powerful they truly are and start using that power to create the best quality of life they can.
Over the years I have come to learn that the number one thing that stops any of us from achieving greatness, or happiness for that matter, is our own fear and insecurity. Consequently, it is only when we stand in our own way that we meet with struggle and hardship. But we all have a choice; the choice to be victims in this world or the choice to be empowered. And the choice is always up to each one of us in every given moment. I realized this lesson early on, but it's something we all need to implement into our lives proactively so that we can actually use this information wisely.
So who am I and how can I help you?
With an educational background in Sociology, Journalism, and Holistic Life Coaching, etc., as well as a love of spiritual and metaphysical studies, I've combined my knowledge, experience, and passions to provide the offerings you will find here. I am a professionally certified Holistic Life Coach, a writer, and published author who writes on the topics of personal-development and self-empowerment, with two books currently in circulation (check out the "Books" section of this website for more information). 

Furthermore, I am a Quality of Life Advisor, a term as far as I know I coined when I started my company in 2009. This means that my specialty is helping people figure out what their own quality of life aspirations are and how to best achieve them. And since everyone has their own personal definition of what quality of life means to them, it is my job to help my clients figure that out for themselves.

And because of my interest, background, and upbringing in a holistic environment, the connection between mind, body, and spirit has always been very apparent and important to me. For this reason, the services I offer take all of these three important aspects into full consideration. 

So how did I get here?
I grew up in a very holistic household with extremely open-minded parents who are themselves intuitive health professionals within several holistic fields. So for as long as I can remember I have been living in accordance with healthy lifestyle principles and an inquisitive open mind. And although it was not always apparent to me, my purpose had been laid out for me from day one.

Over the years I have invested greatly in myself through various forms of education and personal development practices because I am a big believer that you get out of life what you are willing to put into it.

After working in the corporate field (e.g. PR/Event Planning, Publishing, Real Estate, etc.) as well as creative field (e.g. Interior Decorating/Redesign, Home Staging), I finally came to the realization that I was meant to combine my logic, creativity, and intuition in order to serve others in some valuable and meaningful way.

So after becoming certified as a holistic life coach in 2009 I started this company, The Quality of Life Advisors Groupwith the intention of providing people with services that would help improve their overall quality of life, whatever that meant to each and every person.

As for my writing, this is something that has always been a creative and cathartic outlet for me and I am so grateful to be able to inspire others with my thoughts, whether it's through blogging, articles, or my published books. 

Feel free to browse this site and if something is of interest to you, please do no hesitate to contact me for more information. It would be my pleasure to answer any of your questions.

To your happiness and success!
Dora Nudelman,
B.A. Sociology, Post Grad. Journalism, Founder and CEO of The Quality of Life Advisors Group, Personal-Development and Self-Empowerment (Inspirational/Motivational) Author and Writer, Holistic Life Coach, and Quality of Life Advisor
My Purpose Statement: To proactively uplift people and help them live their best quality of life with purpose, joy, and total fulfillment. To empower people to live out their dreams, and share their joy with the world. To help people help themselves. To be a consciousness-raiser. To be a positive example, demonstrating the joy of purposeful living and the fulfillment
that this brings. My goal is to merge spirituality and outside-the-box thinking with the physical and pragmatic world in practical ways, which can be applied by everyone to better their lives.
The Commitment:
Our job is to teach you how to maximize your potential,
effectively manifest your desires, and find your inner peace and happiness. Your job is to adapt everything you learn to your own life and circumstances in the way that resonates with you the most, and to take action on living the life of your dreams. We teach self-empowerment first and foremost, so it is up to you to do your part too.
In essence, happiness is a choice and everything comes down to consciousness and perception. You have a choice to determine what your life will look like rather than allowing stuff to just happen "to you."
Let us guide you in the direction of your greatest life. Please check out our offerings and let's get you started on creating the authentic and joyous life you were always meant to live.
The Quality of Life Advisors Group is continually on the look out for individuals and experts in the fields of personal development and natural and holistic health practices for potential collaborations to collectively bring positive messages to the world. If you are a professional who feels you can add to our objective and have a relevant message you would like to share, please contact us to discuss potential cooperative opportunities including collaborations on retreats, workshops, and panel discussions.


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